Francis’ Month Free Song: Ahoulaguine Akaline from Wan Fambul/One Family

by Sister Julie Ann on October 1, 2012

In this month of Francis, a man of peace, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Ahoulaguine Akaline from Wan Fambul/One Family (release: March 23, 2012; available for a donation via uniting the diverse voices of artists from conflict zones.

Francis’ praises to God who is gladness and joy, our hope, our justice seem to also find a home in this high-energy, urgent call for forgiveness and deep dialogue from edgy DJs and soulful singer-songwriters, from hard-hitting reggae outfits to transnational pop explorers. The groove-powered compilation features tracks by global music heavyweights Vieux Farka Toure, Idan Raichel, Vusi Mahlasela, and Dengue Fever.

About Catalyst for Peace

Catalyst for Peace, a U.S.-based international collaboratory, seeks out and supports grassroots peacebuilding that springs from local practices and culture: from the songs and tales, from the town meetings and ceremonies, from the liberating truth-telling, apology and forgiveness that end bloodshed, enmity, and endless cycles of bitterness.
“The lessons we are learning from Sierra Leone are universal lessons,” explains Libby Hoffman, founder and president of Catalyst for Peace. “The processes are applicable in other places and settings. What people in Sierra Leone are illustrating, artists in other communities—like the ones on Wan Fambul—are capturing and expressing in their own meaningful ways.”
Wan Fambul serves as a sonic companion and counterpoint to Catalyst’s Fambul Tok (see, a stirring documentary film and book on the groundbreaking work of Fambul Tok in Sierra Leone that brings former adversaries, perpetrators, and victims together for community discussions in a traditional setting.

To watch a trailer of this documentary, Click here.

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14 thoughts on “Francis’ Month Free Song: Ahoulaguine Akaline from Wan Fambul/One Family”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Discovering, uncovering, and embracing Jesus’ peace–for St. Francis was a life-long endeavor. This song gives me the sense of being on a journey as was Francis with living the Gospel life of Jesus; always moving forward!

  2. M.C. says:

    I have so much in my life and so many blessings. There are some people so broken that it’s so easy to see Christ in them…by sharing who I am with who they are, Christ will truly be present.

  3. C.D. says:

    We need to realize we are all broken and that we all need Jesus–we cannot go through alone.

  4. A. says:

    Yes, we need to embrace the people we don’t like who get on our nerves or mock us.

  5. A.B. says:

    As Church we need to embrace the brokenness of attitudes of pessimism and doubt and negativity which is closely related to my own thinking of the need for faith.

  6. C. says:

    To die to myself for another child of God allows me to decrease so that He may increase. Casting my agenda aside, letting go of my will.

  7. m.e. says:

    We need to embrace society’s outlook on everything, scandals.

  8. B.N. says:

    stereotypes, the corruption in the Church, my own outlook on things

  9. M.N says:

    We must be honest with ourselves. We need to embrace everything, but most of all each other.

  10. B.N. says:

    I think I am being called to be more open in practicing my faith. That means I am to be there for everyone during their hard times, regardless of what kind of situation they are in.

  11. C.F. says:

    We need to embrace scandal, but also separateness.

  12. T.O. says:

    In peace-making we are called to be understanding but also bold.

  13. k.m. says:


  14. a.m. says:

    As a church we need to embrace all people. We are good at making Catholics and like-minded individuals welcome, but not so much with others.

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