Where Catholics Open Windows of the Mind Re: Vatican Council II

by Sister Julie Ann on September 25, 2012

Ever wanted to learn more about the origin, accomplishments, and effects of the Second Vatican Council on Catholic life? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Marlita Henseler and Sister Mary Ann Spanjers gathered with the St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Community, Newton, WI,  for a series of 3 talks celebrating 50 years after Vatican II. Patrick Carey, Marquette University Professor, Milwaukee, WI,  answered many a question in interactive lectures during Monday nights in September.

Questions included:

  • Why was there a council in the 1960’s?
  • What did it accomplish?
  • How was it implemented in the U.S. during the revolutionary cultural changes of the 1960’s?
  • Did it open new windows for Catholics or produce a religious revolution that is still going on in the Catholic Church?

Sister Mary Ann and Sister Marlita promise to comment on what this continuing formation experience meant for them. Watch for reflections below. We invite you to add your thoughts and the Sisters will respond to your comments  to keep alive a conversation on this topic.

3 thoughts on “Where Catholics Open Windows of the Mind Re: Vatican Council II”

  1. I so appreciated being able to attend these extremely informative, well presented timely sessions with Dr. Patrick Carey! He is a very dynamic, learned, well read presenter! Would love to take a class from him!

    Pope John XXIII called the Council proposing the following five points for goals:
    1) For people to be filled with hope and faith in God’s Divine Plan for us
    2) Discover ways of teaching the faith more effectively
    3) Deepen the understanding of Doctrine
    4) Use the medicine of mercy, a Pastoral Council
    5) Seek unity within the Church, with other Christian denominations, non-Christian religions, and all people of good will.

  2. Why were the 60’s especially significant to the council’s timing?

  3. That’s an interesting question. At a time of tremendous change in government, family life, education, social structures and business, the Catholic Church, at the Council, bridged many religious teachings with contemporary culture. It was an exciting time to be in high school. Our teachers at Holy Family Academy, Manitowoc, introduced us to the teachings as they were published. I “grew up” under the umbrella of the Council.

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