Franciscan 800th Anniversary Celebration Invites Reflection on St. Clare

by Sister Julie Ann on August 11, 2012

On this 800th Anniversary Year feast of St. Clare, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to contemplate Clare, a clear mirror of the glory of God, inspired by St. Francis of Assisi to follow in the footprints of Jesus.  Novice Sister Regina Rose Pearson, Sauk Rapids, MN, Poor Clare Mother Mary Matthew, Maggie and Mary, who served as  2012 Camp Franciscan Leaders, and our own Sister Clarita Ryan share their thoughts on this faith-filled woman of God.

“What I love about St. Clare is that she is focused upon gazing at Christ, seeking closeness with Him by looking into his eyes. I read somewhere that the average person only makes about eight seconds of eye contact at a time. We must look in order to know. For Clare, it’s about looking into the eyes of God and knowing Him and knowing herself.”Franciscan Novice Sister Regina Rose  

 -Mother Matthew, Poor Clare Monastery, Sauk Rapids, MN

I find St. Clare to be one of the most inspirational saints. She loved God so much and was so confident in her own discernment that she was eager to pack up all her things, leave her comfortable home, and follow Jesus and Francis. One of my favorite stories of Saint Clare is one that I learned this past year at Camp Franciscan. One night, her beloved convent was being attacked by pillagers, and they made it all the way to the convent doors. Saint Clare made her way to the front and stood, protecting her sisters. Knowing what the attackers were after, Saint Clare simply said, “me first.” This was the most inspirational thing she could have said and really demonstrates her self sacrifice. I am considering her to be my Confirmation saint because I love her story so much. -Maggie, Camp Franciscan Leader

St.Clare is a beautiful example of giving everything,even her beauty and freedom(because of joining the cloister) to the Lord. This is truly inspiring to know that I have someone to pray to for intercession that has such great love for the Lord and gives such a beautiful example on how I should strive to live: totally,completely, fully for Christ. -Mary, Camp Franciscan leader

For many years, not too much of St. Clare’s life made an impression on me. However, when I went to Assisi and visited San Damiano and the little corner of the dorm where Clare slept and died, I was very moved. During the prayer service our pilgrimage leader blessed each of us with a relic of Clare. As she touched my forehead, I was just taken up with a wonderful love for Clare. I can’t describe it in words, but it never left me. -Sister Clarita

2 thoughts on “Franciscan 800th Anniversary Celebration Invites Reflection on St. Clare”

  1. On this feast of St. Clare, I am grateful for the reflections shared above. Reading each comment lifts my soul in gratitude, once again, for our common Franciscan heritage and for the feminine example of St. Clare in following Christ with her unique Franciscan vision. 

  2. Sister Mary Ann says:

    As we celebrate another Franciscan, St. Maximilian Kolbe, today, I am reminded once again of the timelessness of the influence these profoundly good saints continue to have in our lives! 

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