Catholic Teachers Called to Make a Difference in New Year

by Sister Anne Marie Lom on August 14, 2012

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012, the faculty and staff of four Catholic Schools in Tucson, AZ gathered for a retreat day titled, “One Person Can Make a Difference”. Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Anne Marie Lom facilitated the time used for conferences, discussions and reflective prayer.

Wondering what schools were part of this graced day?

The beautiful facility of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Monastery, Tucson, served as a tranquil site for the conferences and prayer. The eager retreatants set a goal for the upcoming school year that would demonstrate how they would “make a difference”.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving in Santa Cruz School are Sister Leonette Kochan, Sister Catherine Gilles and Sister Ellen Pachmayer. Serving at San Xavier Mission School is Sister Delores Vogt.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Teachers Called to Make a Difference in New Year”

  1. It was such a joy to facilitate this retreat. The enthusiasm of the teachers was effervescent! I’m asking God’s blessing on the administration, faculty, staff and students of each school!

  2. Sister Mary Ann says:

    My prayers are with all Catholic School students, teachers, administrators, and supporters as we begin this new academic year! Tucson looks like it is off to a great start! Love all the photos!

  3. What would August be without the wonder of our Sisters who are beginning a new year in the classroom! Thanks, Sister Anne Marie, for sharing your Tucson moments.

  4. Sr. Pam says:

    What a great theme to begin a school year! I’m glad you were able to share your wisdom and insight with so many educators, Sr. Anne Marie, and I’m sure you gave them the “spirit” they needed to get their year off to an exciting start. Blessings on all teachers and students!

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