Franciscans Offer Free Music Download: Harbor Sky by Midwest Guitar Trio

by Sister Julie Ann on June 1, 2012

 Aware of the precious wonder of  water significantly dear to us at all times, but refreshingly cool in the summer months, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity collaborate with Midwest Guitar Trio (Kenn Fox, Dave Karnes, Richard McKay) to offer a free music download of  enchanted Harbor Sky-composed by Kenn Fox, performed by The Midwest Guitar Trio from the 2011 Spiritone release All In Good Time by The Midwest Guitar Trio. Check out the websites below to purchase this cd.

In his  classic Canticle of the Creatures, courtly-mannered St. Francis added the title ‘sister’ to ‘water’, and praised our valued resource as ‘very useful and humble and precious and chaste’.  This  John Paul II-proclaimed patron saint of ecology also saw water as holy in and through his own relationship with Jesus Christ, seeing God outside of himself  in this essential earthly liquid while seeing God first inside of himself.

Franciscan St. Bonaventure also inspires us to ‘see God…in them [water and all His vestiges in the sense world] as he is in them by his essence, power and presence.’ (Souls Journey Into God, Chapter 2) Sister Water, all praise be yours!

About the Midwest Guitar Trio

The Midwest Guitar Trio comprised of Wisconsin guitarists  Kenn Fox, Dave Karnes, and Richard McKay was formed in 2010. The Midwest Guitar Trio is, simply stated, a celebration of the guitar.

The Midwest Guitar Trio weaves a variety of sounds, styles and influences into a unique and exiting journey through the history of modern guitar. Their deep repertoire features British and American Folk Instrumentals, Celtic ballads, Ragtime, Gypsy Jazz, Swing, a few of their favorite Chet Atkins tunes, and a hearty array of original compositions. The arrangements are intricate and fun, showcasing both their mastery as players, as well as their respect for the music and its origins.  Their first recording “All In Good Time” was released in late 2011 on the Wisconsin based Spiritone label.

Kenn Fox will be releasing a retrospective of his recorded works in Summer 2012 titled “Path of Least Resistance” which will include the solo guitar version of Harbor Sky.


57 thoughts on “Franciscans Offer Free Music Download: Harbor Sky by Midwest Guitar Trio”

  1. Natasha A. says:

    This song reminds me of the story when the man told God through hard times you weren’t there, there was only one step of footsteps. God told him there was only one because I was carrying you! God is with me always no matter what! I love this song!  

  2. rebecca Turba says:

    This song is a pretty good song. It reminds me of being in church.

  3. sisterjune says:

    This music is soft and soothing to the heart.

  4. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, feelings, stories:)!

  5. mz says:

    This piece immediately reminded me of the beauty of this instrument as wel as the purity of it. While I love electric guitar and many different forms of rock, I most appreciate the purity and simplicity of accustic sound as well as the talent it requires.

  6. dd says:

    Yay guitar! An easy-going song-peaceful

  7. Emma says:

    At first “Where are the words?” but than I got comfortable with the melodies and harmonies. I stayed in that comfortable state of mind.

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