Catholic Sisters Do More Than Sip Coffee at Stone Creek Roasters

by Sister Julie Ann on June 25, 2012

On June 23, 2012 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity including Novices Sister Regina Rose and Sister Leslie and Temporary Professed Sister Monica visited Stone Creek Coffee Roasters not only to do some good coffee-tasting, but to learn more about how this business finds high quality coffees and builds partnerships with growers around the world in a fair trade way.  

Since relationships are also important to us, we were especially interested in meeting the dedicated individuals behind  Stone Creek and hearing about all the people involved in the process of growing, roasting, brewing and sipping coffee.

Expect the Sisters who experienced the Saturday tour to share their ‘caffeinated’ impressions. (Find Sister Monica’s thoughts here on her Habitually Speaking blog.) We invite all coffee lovers (and others)  to comment on Stone Creek Roasters or another business modeling a true care for all creation, a real Franciscanized World approach to life. 

7 thoughts on “Catholic Sisters Do More Than Sip Coffee at Stone Creek Roasters”

  1. Skathleen says:

    Our visit to Stone Creek Coffee was really an inspiration.  I would normally be the last person in the world to say this, as I am not a coffee drinker at all.  The inspiration for me came in the Christian values being lived out in the business world by this company.  It’s easy to become very cynical when we look at Wall Street, business, profit margins and labor practices.  Here we found a company whose bottom line Jesus could sign on to.  The sense of “big picture justice” was wonderful!  Steve and Kendra are wonderful hosts too!

  2. Ah, coffee, the staple of my mornings!How great to see a company treating it, and the earth, with respect.

  3. Sister Natalie says:

    Stone Creek Coffee was an inspiring experience.  The passion of Steve and Kendra demonstrated in a short visit how each individual can impact the world.  I was impressed with the principles and values lived out in the operation of this company.  The respect shown to all involved in the Stone Creek Coffee process is commendable and up-lifting.  The coffee sample was delicious, too!

  4. Sister Regina Rose says:

    Going to the Stone Creek Coffee Shop was a surprisingly wonderful experience! I knew virtually nothing about fair trade products so this experience was as educational as it was inspiring. I love that the people involved see a need in the world and they simply do what needs to be done to make change happen. Steve and Kendra (and all they work with) are really combatting social injustice in a humble and quiet but totally efficient and productive way! Very much like Christ’s way of doing things. Thank you, Steve and Kendra, for all you do and for your example to us!

  5. Sister Mary Ann says:

    As one who loves promoting fair trade products for those in places who work so hard to make a living for their families; I look forward to a visit to Stone Creek Coffee Shop! Thanks for this poignant posting!!!

  6. Sr. Leslie says:

    Stone Creek Coffee is giving a service to the world on many levels. First, making sure people are able to work at a safe and fair place. Second, making sure that farmers who protect the environment and treat their employees well are justly rewarded for their labors. Third, protecting the environment from poor land practices. Next, they provide people an opportunity to buy something without supporting anything that they don’t believe in. Finally, they give people a chance to drink tasty coffee and a good atmosphere to drink it in. And I almost forgot to mention that through education they broaden the world view of their employees and their customers. It was so fun to be there.

  7. Sister Monica says:

    I truly enjoyed going to Stone Creek Coffee. Our hosts were very inviting and easy to talk with, and it was clear that they are passionate about what they do….this passion is very contagious! I can’t wait to return for more coffee!

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