Called to Freely Download ‘In God’s Eye’ by Terry Holder

by Sister Julie Ann on March 1, 2012

Awake to the possibility that each day calls for greater depth in discerning life’s important questions, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer Terry Holder’s ‘In God’s Eye’ for prayerful consideration as well as a free music download.

As you listen to this tune, consider some additional wisdom from St. Francis of Assisi. “In whatever way you think you will best please our Lord God and follow in his footsteps and in poverty, take that way with the Lord God’s blessing.” This saint, who initiated the Lent-sensitive Stations of the Cross, searched prayerfully for answers to his own questions not only in the peak of spiritual communion on Mount La Verna, but while responding to Christ alive in the faces of the poor in his society. Each moment has the potential for inspiration.

Comment from Terry Holder

“In God’s Eyes” was inspired by the age-old question we all have.  Why am I here, what’s it all about?  I’m a very spiritual person and I believe we should try and live in the moment, that is when life happens.  You can make plans and worry about all things you really have no control over but life will not wait for you. The title of the CD “Ticket To The Moment” was inspired by the line in the song, “Life is your ticket to the moment better live it now.”

About Terry Holder 

With passion, enthusiasm and hard work, Terry Holder’s songs are getting her noticed and her engaging performances are opening hearts everywhere she goes. Terry is gifted with a voice to break your heart. In her live shows, she has the undeniable ability to charm and connect with her listeners ­­ her soulful songs draw the listener right into the moment. 

Terry’s 2001 debut CD, “Am I Here Is This Me,” was originally intended only as a keepsake for her daughters. With the encouragement from those who heard the CD, Terry started playing out. The album of introspective songs garnered sales and critical acclaim and was followed in 2004 by her second CD, “Colored Rooms.” 

Recognized for her talent as a songwriter, she was selected as a “Kerrville New Folk Finalist” in 2008, 2010 and again in 2011.  Terry was also selected as 2011 finalist for the “Wildflower” song writing competition. 

On her latest studio CD, “Ticket To The Moment,” she continues to explore her passions through her heartfelt and gutsy songs. This CD delivers her emotionally driven songs around lyrics that take you on a journey with flashes of love, abandon, heartbreak, and social self-awareness. She was joined in the studio by veteran musicians Freebo, Joel Tepp, Garey Shelton, Ben Smith, Jerry Holder, John Nyman, John Morton and Cynthia Morrow.  After many years living in Alaska Terry now makes her home in Olympia Washington. She continues to build a loyal following while touring as a duo or with her band in concert and at festivals around the country. 

“It’s very humbling and gratifying when people like your music. If I can touch one person with a song, then I feel that I have accomplished something great in my life.” 



Words and Music by Terry Holder

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out

It starts to rain its sink or swim again

Voices in your head start to fill you with self-doubt

You start to talk to yourself again

What’s it all about

Are we just killing time

While we go round and round

In God’s Eyes

Just when you think you’re safe and sound with the love you’re in

There’s a hurricane that’ll bend and break your will

Twisted contradiction how can love be a sin

Are we selling out do we need forgiveness

What’s it all about

Are we just killing time

While we go round and round

In God’s Eyes

In God’s Eyes

Who says we run out of dreams

Somebody save one for me

Just when you think you’ve got both feet on the ground

The earth quakes and you’re right back where you’ve been

Life is your ticket to the moment better live it now

Wake up let it begin

What’s it all about

Are we just killing time

While we go round and round

In God’s Eyes

In God’s Eyes

In God’s Eyes


5 thoughts on “Called to Freely Download ‘In God’s Eye’ by Terry Holder”

  1. S.Mary Ann says:

    Thank you Terry for sharing this meaningful song! As so many in the Midwest experienced the terrible destruction from the tornadoes, the message of your song is more necessary than ever, we are precious “In God’s Eyes” and the outreach of so many good people reassures us that no matter what, God is present and will bring us new hope.   

  2. Anne Marie Lom says:

    Powerful lyrics. One of our sisters always says, “When I’m sure I’m right, I’m usually not”. How true! Living in the present moment, seeing God “at work” in all things gives meaning to each moment. Figuring everything out is a work of the mind but, not necessarily, of the heart.

  3. Q.M. says:

    God uses music to grasp our feelings and let us know what to do or say.

  4. OGN says:

    When I hear it, I immediately begin to think and I sometimes tear up. I love it for some reason.

  5. Danielle says:

    Sometimes it is easier to relate to music and a lot of the time music is easier to understand than scripture.

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