Are Franciscan Sisters into D.I.Y. Craft Ideas

by Sister Julie Ann on February 25, 2012

Yes, the Sisters enjoy many a ‘do it yourself ‘craft. If you love making things from fabric, yarn, beads, buttons, wire, thread, etc, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse craft room is the place to be. Enthusiasm is contagious. Earlier in the fall, Sister Linda Brandes sent out an invitation welcoming anyone who wanted to come together one night a week. The response was more than anticipated. Every possible place at the large table and near by sewing machines are filled.

Sister Winifred Crevier, one of the faithful crafters, enjoys “just visiting and sharing laughter, stories and foibles of the day while crafting with NO TV. Activities include knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, scrubbies, plastic canvas, embroidering, sewing machine embroiderery and other sewing, like patchwork.”

Whatever the hands are busy with, everyone agrees the real fun comes from just being together and having some good ‘stitches of laughter’. Creative ideas also multiply when two or three or more Sisters get together in one place.

And here’s just a few crafters’ close-up photos with their totally awesome projects.


What creative crafts do you enjoy?

5 thoughts on “Are Franciscan Sisters into D.I.Y. Craft Ideas”

  1. Cheri Meade, Yuma, AZ says:

    The Sisters are truly blessed with priceless talents! My only question…do you sell some of those beautiful crafts? I would love some of the ones pictured.

  2. Rosangelaweiland says:

    How beautiful!! I see our Sisters have not lost their creative ability. Keep up the good work. It looks like you are having fun doing it.

  3. Sister Linda says:

    When I first arrived back at the motherhouse mid July I was asked if we could start having a weekly craft night in the craft room and things just took off from there. As we meet weekly we all watch different projects take on different shapes. We are all having fun and visiting while we relax and work on our projects.

  4. Kay Klackner says:

    Some day, one day I hope to acquire the time to explore the many wonderful crafts that many of you do.  You are your pieces are wonderful!

  5. Anne Marie Lom says:

    I really appreciate the close-up photos. The faces and the fabrics are delightful and uplifting.

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