What Makes Catholic Teens Happy

by Sister Julie Ann on January 26, 2012

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are on the road meeting with Catholic young people and inviting feedback on some of life’s deeper questions. Religious Education students at Sacred Heart Parish, Nekoosa, WI, and Xavier High School juniors, Appleton, WI, recently answered simple surveys responding to questions important to discernment.

Here is some prioritized student feedback:

What makes you happy?

  • spending time with people I love
  • my friends
  • my family
  • doing something I enjoy e.g. running, reading, playing piano, singing, when competing 
  • when successful
  • God in my life
  • when I’m listening to music
  • eat delicious food and enough sleep
  • almost all the time
  • no stress or worries

Who are people you admire?

  • my parents
  • my Mom e.g. her courage, strength, self-sacrifice, well rounded, works hard; gives good advice 
  • my Dad e.g. because he is calm and rational when stressful situation occurs;started from the bottom and he overcame poverty and gives me opportunity to come to U.S. 
  • Grandma e.g. strong willed, doesn’t let anything bring her down
  • Grandpa e.g. never gives up, keeps fighting
  • my sister
  • grandparents
  • other individuals
  • my uncle
  • my classmates
  • my friends
  • people with courage; people who take on leadership roles because they know who they are
  • teachers

What is something you fear?

  • being alone
  • my plans for the future; college
  • failing 
  • loosing close friends
  • dark
  • death
  • specific animals, rodents 
  • being judged, left out, betrayed
  • pain
  • being kidnaped, attacked, raped, murdered
  • public speaking
  • loosing control of myself or situation
  • offending God

How would you answer these questions?

One thought on “What Makes Catholic Teens Happy”

  1. “What makes me happy” and “people I admire” have great similarities with these young people. When I was their age, I probably feared some of the same things as they do. Now that I am older, my fears are different. I fear environmental disaster because of our unawareness, I fear nuclear war because we haven't learned to live peacefully… yet and I fear egotism in myself because it leaves God out of the picture. What a great exercise in self awareness. Thank you for posting this.

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