Roman Catholic Religious Welcome Eastern Rite Monks

by Sister Julie Ann on December 3, 2011

On December 3, 2011 for more than just reasons of curiosity,  Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity accepted an Open House invitation  from the Eastern rite Catholic Monks of Holy Resurrection Monastery, St Nazianz, WI. This was not the first time our Sisters had an opportunity to have a conversation with these holy men of God. Given that our Community had housed the then homeless foundation while they were checking out Maria Haus, formerly St. Mary Convent in St. Nazianz last year, this was a time to welcome friends as our new neighbors.

Common Geographical Ground

Of course, with the monks’ move to St. Nazianz, our Community histories will now hold some common geographical ground. St. Nazianz was home for our foundress, Teresa Gramlich, who became Sister Gabriel and later Mother Gabriel. Today, other of our Sisters and their families continue to call this quaint, faith-filled town home.

Recently interviewed by The Compass, Diocese of Green Bay’s official communication news,  Abbot Nicholas, Father Moses, Father Maximos Davies, Father Basil Doty and Brother Mark Davis shared hopes and dreams,  as well as their particular foundation’s history. Enjoy the monks own chronicle of their beginning days in a new Wisconsin home on their Holy Resurrection Monastery website. For those desiring your own ‘Eastern rite monastic moment’, plan on joining the monks for some recollection time soon.

5 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Religious Welcome Eastern Rite Monks”

  1. Smaryfrances says:

    It is such a blessing to have the Byzantine monks in our diocese.

  2. Our Church is so blessed with such diversity of ways to God! Welcome to St. Nazianz Brother Monks!

  3. Sr. Leslie says:

    Visiting the Byzantine monks in St. Nazianz was a wonderful experience. They were very hospitable and thankful for the time that they had spent in our home this summer. Abott Nicolas said, that coming to a place (Maria Haus) where people have been praying for a hundred years makes them feel even more rooted.

  4. Rosangelaweiland says:

    Father Nicholas visited Silver Lake College recently and gave  interesting information about the church and about their life. We are blessed to have them in the area.

  5. For our internet friends who may be seeking an Eastern rite Franciscan moment on the eastern coast, consider Holy Dormition Friary, Sybertsville, Pa,  with the friars of the Assumption of the BVM Province. Check out their website.

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