Hot News from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

by Sister Kathleen on October 6, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy tells about a recent firefigher visit to St. Francis of Assisi School, Greenwood, MS.

Franciscan Sister Kathleen Murphy's kindergarten's class welcomed Greenwood, MS firefighters.

The “hot news” from St. Francis School in Greenwood includes a visit from the Greenwood Fire Department to the Kindergarten classroom.  The children have been learning about fire safety and fire prevention so the friendly men of the fire department came to reinforce the lessons taught. 

The firefighters demonstrated a professional “Stop, Drop and Roll”, reviewed the use of the 911 service, talked about the importance of smoke alarms and demonstrated the donning of full firefighter gear so that the children would not be afraid of the firefighters in case of a real fire.  The highlight was a walk out to the fire truck.  The students saw all the tools and gadgets and of course got to see and hear the lights and sirens in action. 

One little kindergartener was extra excited as his dad was the Captain who headed up the visiting firemen.  It would have taken a lot of power to extinguish all the enthusiasm!

3 thoughts on “Hot News from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School”

  1. sannette says:

    The pictures do not do justice to the excitement of the Kindergarteners that day. The firemen were so good with the children. You could feel the “electric excitement”.  The men captured the childrens attention and dissolved their fears of a fire man in his fire fighting protective clothing. The “Stop, Drop and Roll” brought peals of laughter and intensified  the message which Sister Kathleen had been teaching them. The goal was to help the children know what to do without fear, if a fire should start in their homes. It was  an exciting and valuable day in the lives of Sister Kathleen's Kindergartener class.

  2. Sr. Leslie says:

    Thanks for the classroom new Sr. Kathleen. Your students look like they are very fun to teach. Thanks for sharing their excitement in picture form.

  3. Srkathleenosf says:

    I'm just getting to take a look at our class in action here on the web.  It was a fun experience for the kids.  This week we head off to the pumpkin farm.  Hopefully we'll have some candid shots to share with all.  It is amazing how children soak up new knowledge and share their enthusiasm with us.  Today we will play with bubbles to remind ourselves that some really fun and great things happen in silence.  Then it will be on to our little experience of the prayer of quiet.  That's always a blessing!

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