Franciscan Sister Receives Catholic Educator Award

by Sister Jan on October 7, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Bernadone Fagan received a Catholic Educator award at Roncalli High School, Manitowoc, WI,  recently. This special recognition comes during her 65th year in the classroom.

Recently, Franciscan Sister Bernadone Fagan received the Catholic Educator award at Roncalli High School, Manitowoc, WI.

Needless to say I was honored. I have had many, many happy years in the teaching field. As a child, the classroom was my least favorite place and one thing I was never going to do was to be a teacher. God had other plans.


Today after more than sixty years in a classroom, I still love to learn new things and pass them on to the students, especially to those who really would rather be some place else. Perhaps the best part of receiving this award was the reaction of the students with whom I have worked over the past few years.

 -Sister Bernadone

The plaque reads: Catholic Educator Award to Sister Bernadone Fagan in recognition of her many years of dedication and service to Catholic Education in the Lakeshore area and beyond.

12 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister Receives Catholic Educator Award”

  1. Thanks, Sister Jan, for alerting us to this special honor. Indeed, Sister Bernadone, we are proud of you and your long standing commitment to education. You are a real catalyst of goodness in our world.

  2. Anne Marie Lom says:

    Congratulations, Sr. Bernadone. I know many students have benefitted from your watchful eye and ready smile as they study and learn. How great to receive this award!

  3. Shannon says:

    Congratulations on your well deserved award, Sister Bernadone! I always think fondly of your chemistry and physics classes at Rosecrans. You taught many thing I will never forget including fat cat electrons (one of my favorites). Thank you for sharing your gifts, both science and faith!
    Shannon Hoffer Manio

  4. srsharon says:

    The Lord continue to bless YOU, Sr. Bernadone, as you minister in the education field. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved award! Shannon, thank you for commenting and you are from my home-town too and do I remember MANY memories of Bishop Rosecrans also!

  5. sisterjune says:

    Congratulations Sister Bernadone on your Catholic Educator Award.
    We are very proud of you and your accomplishments.

  6. Sr. Leslie says:

    Congratulations Sr. Bernadone! I bet you are a ton of fun in school just like you are everywhere else. Your students are lucky.

  7. Sister Kay says:

    Congratulations, Sister Bernadone!  Your gentle, humorous ways provide encouragment for so many students.  What a legacy you have!

  8. Sr. Delores says:

    Congratulations, Sr. Bernadone!  You have allowed the Lord to use you for great work.   God bless you abundantly!  Thanks for all that you are doing…

  9. Jason Bucci says:

    Sr. Delores from St. Nicholas? If so, you were a GREAT teacher! Hope you are well!

  10. Jason Bucci says:

    Sister Bernadone was awesome! Congrats!

  11. Christine (Spiker) Kuhn says:

    Congratulations Sister Bernadone!  Many of the lessons you taught me n physics and chemistry are still with me today.  When I approach a problem I still use your method of asking myself what I know and working from that  point.  It is wonderful to hear that you are still in the classroom!

  12. Shannon Harmon Book says:

    Congratulations, Sister Bernadone! You were an amazing Chemistry and Physics teacher at Rosecrans. I remember “make it a part of you.” I wish my children were lucky enough to be taught by you.

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