What Franciscan Sisters Do in the Fall of the Year

by Sister Julie Ann on August 17, 2011

In August/September it is ‘tradition’ that Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in each of our local communities spend 2 days creating an atmosphere for a faith community and planning for the year. Important to  these days are prayer and discussion materials centered around a particular theme.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving in Nebraska enjoy the historic Joslyn Castle together for Community Days August 2011.

This year’s theme carries forth the General Assembly of the International Franciscan Conference of the Third Order Regular: Becoming a Disturbing Presence in Today’s World-Christ, through Francis, Clare and …ME!

While our prayer materials celebrate our vowed Francisan Sisters of Christian Charity life with its own rich symbols of rose, ring and crucifix, discussion materials include a homily by Mons. Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of Assisi, and a talk by Fr. Anthony J. Gittins, CSSp. Curious as to what it means to be a disturbing presence reflective of Christ, Francis and Clare? We invite you to read these materials with us. Click here.

Often the days include recreational activities that help the Sisters grow in appreciation for each other and the people and area of the country where they have been called to serve.

Enjoy these photos submitted by:

  • St. Mary, West Point, NE

  • St. Peter Mission, Bapchule, AZ

What does it mean to be a disturbing presence in today’s world?

4 thoughts on “What Franciscan Sisters Do in the Fall of the Year”

  1. One way of being a disturbing presence in the world today is to believe in one's relationship with God–in other words having faith and being willing to risk the unknown in committing oneself to walking with God in our world!

  2. Srosangela says:

    This is a powerful question and one to be  pondered. For some people our very presence is “disturbing” because they do not understand our way of life. Others look at us and are relieved to see we are living our life for God and witnessing to Him. The challenge for us is to live what we profess in our vows.

  3. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    This can shake us to the core.  I believe God asks us to trust Him even though it looks like everything is falling apart.  We are challenged to live as if we are in God's Hands.   At times, I like control.  Yet, the Lord wants to lead me in all things.  Guide us, Lord to live in your true presence…

  4. Sister Pam and I completed our community days over Labor Day Weekend. When we discussed being a “disturbing presence” we  pondered how disturbing it is for some when we do not take sides and further polarize a situation. Many expect polarization since it is so prevalent in our politics and other areas of our society. It seems a Franciscan approach would be “bridge-making” and being instruments of peace. 

    It can also be disturbing to avoid overwork and a frazzled presence in ministry. It seems popular to have a packed calendar and to breathlessly squeeze God into a busy schedule rather than quietly pondering the beauty of people, friends and the Lord of all those gifts. We had a very good discussion and will review this with each other every month. I look forward to our sharings.

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