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by Sister Julie Ann on August 11, 2011

What does a Franciscan Community do to celebrate a feminine follower of St. Francis who is remembered for her ability to see Mass from the then new Basilica of St. Francis on the wall of her dormitory -at a time before the invention of television ( or streaming video or lcd projectors)? On this August 11, 2011 feast of St. Clare of Assisi (aka patron of good weather, embroiderers, eye disease, television, etc.) Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity announce a new blog Sierra Vista Sister-Franciscan that shares the new adventure of our latest place of ministry.

During this 800th Anniversary Year of St. Clare celebrating the beginning of her life as a follower of St. Francis of Assisi, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity announce a new Sierra Vista Sister-Franciscan Blog that highlights the first adventures of our Sisters at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish, Sierra Vista, AZ.

Sister Carol Seidl is the Sierra Vista Sister-Franciscan Blogger who promises to update us on the experiences of the first Catholic Sisters in this humming bird capital of the world,  part of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson, AZ. She and Sister Mary Gabriel Van Dreel arrived in later July at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish.

Expect an on-line journal noting people and happenings of this welcoming parish and All Saints Catholic School from the perspective of a Franciscan Sister who is out and about in the neighborhood and is school principal. Read on by clicking here.

View Sister Louise’s first impressions on facebook. Click here.

Franciscan Trivia

Question: What are the names of the other Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity blogs (not counting Sierra Vista Sister-Franciscan)?

Answer: Since you are reading this answer, you must be aware of  Franciscanized World.  Habitually Speaking and Franciscan Retreat are linked here for easy checkout. Thank you for visiting us!

9 thoughts on “Follow the First Catholic Sisters in Sierra Vista”

  1. srsharon says:

    Sr. Carol and Sr. Mary Gabriel, CONGRATULATIONS on getting soooooooooooo much accomplished in those first three weeks.  AMAZING!  The parishoners were certainly involved in various ways in preparing a comfortable home.  I enjoyed the story about the car.  The Lord certainly works in various ways.  Blessings to you on the beginning of school! This quote I think is apropos as you begin a new mission: “To live in an evolutionary spirit means to engage with full ambition and without any reserve in the STRUCTURE of the present, and yet to let go and flow into a new structure when the right time has come.” (Eric Jantsch) and I think you are doing this with the help of your creative Lord alive and working in the hearts of many.  You are in prayer and Blessings galore!

  2. The energy and excitement of the two of you in Sierra Vista keeps me checking into the latest news from southern AZ! Count on my continued prayers for you and all the good people of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish!!!

  3. Sister Natalie says:

    “It is the word of the Teacher who, with great enthusiasm, must provoke all of the disciples to remember the past with gratitude, to live the present with enthusiasm , and to look forward to the future in confidence.” (Starting Afresh From Christ)  As the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity enter the history of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in Sierra Vista, we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.  Daily prayer is with you as God's Will is carried out in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.

  4. Sister Theresa Schleis says:

    Sister Theresa Schleis.

    What a beautiful place you are at,a great group of people who truly are happy too have you there.Part of the 100 fold.
    May you have a great year,filled with many Blessings for you and all the people you will be serving.My prayers are
    also with you.

  5. Sr. Carol Seidl says:

    Thank you everyone for all your prayers! I can definitely feel them and see them working! It is great to experience the welcoming spirit of the parishioners and school parents! They are very happy for our presence!

  6. Srosangela says:

    My comment went elsewhere so I'm trying again. I am happy everything seems to be going so well for you. It is exciting for you to be starting a new Mission in a new place. I know you are both working hard to accomplish God's work. Be assured of my prayers and the prayers of our Community for you. God bless you.

  7. Sister Ruth Ann Myers says:

    I'm interested in our new educational adventure at Sierra Vista.  I hope and pray we can help these children see the tremendous potential they have to make this world a better place, especially to help them realize a little of what they can do to make people a little happier and more joyful, especially  when they live in harmony with God's life within themselves.
         Thank you Sister Carol for keeping us updated.
    Sister Ruth Ann

  8. Marcolette Madden says:

    Thank you, Sister Carol, for your courage in taking the lead at Sierra Vista School.  As Thomas Servgiovanni says, it's the vision of the leader that creates the HEART and MIND of the institution.  Blessings on you and Sister Mary Gabriel.

    Sister Marcolette

  9. Sr. Pam says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the adventures and challenges of beginning a new mission at Sierra Vista.  You are both truly missionaries and I hope you can feel the prayers and support of those of us who are just READING about all you are actually DOING.    May God continue to work wonders through you!

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