Answering God’s Call to Be Franciscan Postulant

by Sister Julie Ann on August 21, 2011

Today, August 21, 2011, while some young pilgrims experience a ‘World Youth Day high’ in Madrid, Spain, and possibly contemplate Gospel radicalism, Regina is already on the journey to become a living ‘exegesis of God’s word’ as a  Postulant of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. She like Peter in Sunday’s Gospel (“you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church”), and like St. Francis in Assisi in front of the San Damiano Crucifix (“Go rebuild My house…”) is choosing to go to the very root of the love of Jesus Christ with an undivided heart, ‘being built up in Christ and firm in faith’, putting nothing ahead of this love and becoming completely devoted to him. 

As Pope Benedict encouraged her peers last week in Madrid, Spain to follow the Way of the Cross and embrace a life of conversion, Regina is acting in faith with other young women in formation and following Jesus with us.

Here’s a little information abour our latest Postulant:

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed Regina as a Postulant on August 21, 2011.

Name: Regina

Age: 24

Parish: St. Frances Cabrini Parish

Hometown: West Bend, WI

Archdiocese: Milwaukee

There are 2 objectives of the Postulancy, which is a period of preparation for the Novitiate, a distinct time of initiation into the life of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity that provides time for reflective study and sharing in community life that is centered in Christ.

  1. to help the Postulant and the Community verify the authenticity of her call
  2. to identify the human and Christian foundation within a particular candidate and provide the means of further development

Expect to hear more about Regina and her journey to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity in the days ahead.

Is God calling you to follow Jesus closely and unconditionally in consecration, communion and mission? We invite you.

69 thoughts on “Answering God’s Call to Be Franciscan Postulant”

  1. Scarolann says:

    Aloha and Welcome to the Motherhouse. May God bless you with many graces as you experience our wonderful life. God Bless you and your postulance experience.
    With prayers,
    Sister Carol Ann

  2. Sister Mary Beth Prinz says:

    Welcome, Regina!  We have been remembering you in our prayers.  I anticipate meeting you in November!
      Sister Mary Beth Prinz, St. Mary's Convent, West Point, Nebraska

  3. Sister Leonette Kochan says:

    Welcome, Regina!  Thank you for choosing to join ourFranciscan family.  Some day I hope you can come vist us in the desert Southwest.
    Sister Leonette Kochan
    San Xavier Mission/Santa Cruz School, Tucson

  4. Sister Carol Ann says:

    Aloha and Welcome to the Motherhouse. May God bless you with many graces as you experience our wonderful life. God Bless you and your Postulancy experience.
    With prayers,
    Sister Carol Ann

  5. Sister Natalie says:

    This is your one week anniversary, Regina!  Many prayers have been prayed for you all these days.  Jesus is your guide as you walk with Him each day. Daily prayers are with you.  Welcome to your new home!

  6. Marialeelamantia says:

    Regina, welcome to our Franciscan Community to hold Jesus in your heart and show Him to each one you meet – one day at a time – one person at a time.  Your SMILE  radiates His Love. Mom, Helen and I are keeping you in prayer. Our Community has gifted me  in allowing me to care for her here in Florida. Kathy and John, You did Good!!  Regina, I don't know what's in that McDonalds cup but…you go girl.. Enjoy each day at HFC , it's the best.  Greet Sister Elaine for me. Gentle Blessings, Sister Marialee

  7. Spamelacatherine says:

    A warm welcome to you Regina!!  Know that you are kept in prayer in all your new beginnings!  May Christ be you guiding light!  God bless you!

  8. Sisterannjoachim says:

    A real tribute to Regina.  Regina is fitting in with our novices ver well.  I like the different ways she has fixed her hair.
    Will say hello when I get the chance.

  9. Kathy says:

    Hello again from Regina's Mom!   I have been reading all the wonderful greetings for Regina…I can almost see you all smiling!  Its good to know that Regina has so many “Mothers !”  When my children are far from me, I always ask Mary to “mother” them.

    I looked a little closer at the picture of Regina's Dad & I.   He has on one of his T-shirts from his Youth Outreach trip… ” Mission Discovery.”  And that is just what Regina is on:  “Mission Discovery !”  Thanks for your prayers !

  10. Sister Elaine says:

    Thank you for sharing Regina with us! I believe the goodness she portrays is a reflection of you and her dad. She is blessed to have you as her parents. Many blessings upon you…we are blessed with Regina.

  11. Bbelinske says:

    Hi, Regina,
    Welcome to Holy Family Convent!  With a few days behind you, no doubt you are seeing and learning many things about our lives as Sisters.  I'm so happy you are with us, and I enjoyed viewing the pictures.  The one that struck me was that of your Mom and Dad.  It was from our parents that  we observed and learned so many things about our faith. In many cases the seed of our vocations was planted many years ago.  Take care, Regina, and know that you are in our thougths and prayers. Please
    keep us in your prayers, too.
    Sister Barbara Belinske

  12. Sister Ruth Ann Myers says:

    Hi Regina,
    It's good to have you here. A bit of advice from an elderly Sister:  Expect the dark days as well as the bright ones, but know that both are necessary in order to live the mystery of Christ's life deep within, and what journey could be more adventuresome and reassuring as the years go on!
    Sister Ruth Ann

  13. Marialeelamantia says:

    just love what you say the Book of Revelation says for sure, is this: “God is without time, and there is no time without God. He is the Alpha and the Omega, Beginning and End, and Holy, Holy, Holy is He.” 
     And after Retreat this summer, I know only God is God who sent His Son who became Man, Jesus,-made in Gods image and likeness. Jesus who lived, danced, prayed, healed, preached, performed miracles, had friends, was betrayed, loved, laughed, went to parties, observed religious services, cried, believed in Truth, in His Father, was obedient, forgave, served his neighbors, accepted others, suffered, died, was buried and rose from the dead for us so that we may live and follow the WAY living in His own Image and Likeness. Believing and becoming a likeness of Him in our time and space, from our beginning to our end, and becoming holy—Praise Him, Thank Him for everything, and just Love Him…now and forever.How good it is to be .
     The Journey is Right Regina,   Gentle blessings along the way,
    One of your sisters, Marialee

  14. Marialeelamantia says:

    Sister Ruth Ann (Ruthie) ,
    YOU are a treasure: faithful, loving, interested in all that's going on in the world, smart, guiding, you have a great laugh to hear. You are Wisdom of the Ages. God continue to bless you gently.  Love you Ruth Ann,
    Sister Marialee

  15. Mmarlitah says:

    Welcome to you, Regina. It is great to have you with us, and I pray that as you adjust to all the new in your life, you may do so with an openness and readiness to grow and deepen in your love of Jesus and eagerness to serve Him.  I live just down the pike from HFC  about 8 miles at St. Thomas the Apostle in Newton with Sister Mary Ann. I hope one day Sr. Elaine can bring you out to the country side. We would love to have you. GOD BLESS

  16. Summer King says:

    My very best friend, I miss you already!! This is going to be such a beautiful time for you! Enjoy the beautiful setting of your new home for many quiet moments with the Lord. Everyone we met there was soooo happy and wonderful. I know you're being loved and comforted during this time. I'm so proud of you! Let God lead. HUGS!! 🙂

  17. Regina says:

    Wow, thank you for this post Sr. Marialee. What a beautiful image of our Lord 🙂 I love to think on His humanity.

  18. Gwgonia says:

    Hello Regina,
    I am Sr. Leslie's mom and I hope to meet you when I get my parent visit in October.
    If you think Leslie is  fun, wait til you meet me!
    (Just kidding.)

  19. Kristen Niemuth says:

    Regina, I knew from the first time I met you that you were special, and God had something special in mind for you. May you show His love to others as much as you showed it to me.

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