Franciscan Sisters ‘On The Journey Together’

by Sister Carol Seidl on July 11, 2011

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s summer calendar included a continuing formation program ‘On The Journey Together’. Sister Carol Seidl, one of the participants, comments on the July event that included common life experiences (e.g. Eucharist, prayer, meals, recreation) and speakers Bishop Robert Morneau, Sister Natalie Binversie, Nancy Siskowic, and Sister Louise Hembrecht. Sister Patricia Linssen took the lead in program planning.


Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity planned a July continuing formation experience for 21 Sisters.

Laughter, prayer, questions, sharing were all part of the On The Journey Together days I spent with other Sisters around my age. It was a very joyful and refreshing time. Sisters who I entered the convent with or were just a few years older than me gathered together at our Motherhouse to share our journeys of our midlife years.

It was interesting to see the many paths our calls as a Franciscan Sister took us. We almost all started out as teachers in grade school or nurses. But few of us remained on that path. We were called to branch out and try other ministries. Stories were shared of “the olden days” at the Motherhouse but yet thinking “we aren’t old”.

From the many speakers we gleaned bits of wisdom to help us through the midlife years. It was great fun to gather down on the volleyball courts where we spent many recreations while in formation. That laughter that bubbled forth playing games together and winning prizes was truly an experience of community and Franciscan joy in the simple way. We all agreed that some day one of us would be pushing the wheelchair of the other. It will be interesting to gather in another 10 years to see what other paths of life we have taken as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. A big thank you to our Administration for providing these days for us.

Any other comments?

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  1. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    Thank you, Sr. Carol, for summarizing so well our days together. The variety and wealth of experiences was enriching for me as well. Our prayer together was so easy and familiar as so many of us created rituals and prayer experiences all through formation and prayed with each other frequently.

  2. Sister Carol Juckem says:

    Yes, the days together were great! I too enjoyed the speakers and our sharing with each other. What a wonderful enthusiasm and energy there is among us! May God continue to use us to serve His people in our present ministry, as well as in the future ministries to which He will call us.  Sister Carol Juckem

  3. Smaryfrances says:

    I totally agree with Sister Carol.  The time we spent together was indeed a blessing.  It felt like a mini retreat in some respects.  I enjoyed getting to know Sisters I don't  often  see and we laughed ourselves silly at recreation.  It was so much fun…the entire 2 1/2 days was a generous gift to all of us.  Thank you to our General Administration for the wonderful program.

  4. Sister Kay says:

    The days were a gift of sharing the spirit of joy, healthy lifestyle, and community living.  Sister Carol, you summed it up well.  The input was so valuable but the sharing was life giving!  Many thanks for the opportunity to be together.

  5. Sr. Delores says:

    The days were a gift indeed.   The talks informative and encouraging.  I liked the connection with the Franciscan values given by Sr. Louise.  I felt nourished in many ways.  The laughter and fun brought back great memories.  Thanks everyone for the gift of those days. 
       God bless all who made it possible for us, especially Sr. Patricia…

  6. Srochelle says:

    Personally, I have several 'take aways' from the  July 6-8th “Journeying Together” experience.  Because of the sharing, listening, laughing, and reflecting, I have a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the Sisters who were gathered together.   I also feel that I have gained a positive framework or reference point for approaching the next 'era' of my life and its developmental tasks.    These special days have changed my attitude toward my aging process—for the better.   A great deal of care, reflective decision-making, and hard work went into making this quality time available to all of us.  I am grateful and wish to thank Sister Patricia, Sister Louise, and all involved.  It is a great gift!

  7. Sr. Maria Goretti says:

    As we in Yuma make imminent preparations for the opening school year, I am reflecting back on my summer at the Motherhouse.  This workshop, “On the Journey Together,” was deeply enriching and enjoyable.  In fact, it was a real highlight of my weeks in Manitowoc.  The presentations and sisterly sharings were wonderful, and the recreations delightful.  Thank you to our Administration for providing such a great opportunity of growth and enrichment for us.

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