Franciscan Sister Comments on Last Shuttle Launch

by Sister Marie Kolbe on July 9, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora, originally from Texas, comments on the last shuttle launch while visiting with family.

My Own Personal Middle Ages

Am in the Washington Post Newsroom with Amanda, incredibly on the day that the very last shuttle launch will ever take place in history . . . And I, who study the middle ages am living my own personal “middle ages”. My father’s career with the space industry spanned the entire gamut of Apollo missions, then the Space Shuttle, then the Space Station. My youngest sister, who represents the generation after mine, works at the Washington Post with a crew of other young journalists who are attempting to launch a new kind of newsroom where real-time news via the web is the order of the day. I exist between these two generations . . . Trying to conserve and hand on the best of the intellectual and ethical tradition without which any progress is ephemeral. It is a real blessing to be here today. Hope the Shuttle makes it off the ground! [As we all know now, it did, Sister Marie Kolbe!]


2 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister Comments on Last Shuttle Launch”

  1. Sr. Leslie says:

    The last shuttle launch definitely inspires melancholy feelings.

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