What Do Franciscan Religious Include in a Community Health Workshop

by Sister Julie Ann on June 18, 2011

Change…the essence of transformation Transformation…the essence of change
Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s own Health Workshop Program June 18, 2011 began with this thoughtful quote and included inspiring speakers and helpful topics.

Sister Caritas Strodthoff APNP and Sister Anne Turba APNP planned the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity June 18, 2011 Community Health Workshop.

Our Community Constitutions read: “We strive to maintain good health and seek physical, spiritual and psychological help when needed.” Workshop opportunities like today’s sessions encourage positive personal growth.( Of course, a healthy lunch furnished additional time for good, supportive conversation.) Sister Patricia Linssen, Sister Caritas Strodthoff and Sister Anne Turba were the workshop planners.

Here’s a snapshot of the workshop:

Walked away with inspiring quotes from saints, literature greats and spiritual authors and believable examples of wisdom from others who have lived through change. Received a worksheet with thoughtful questions to process significant changes occurring in one’s own life.

Participated in an ‘upclose and personal look’ at how to resolve conflict by actually learning skills/plan for effective communication. (Dear Man!) Sisters even did some role playing of some pretty true to life situations!

  • Strong Woman Exercise with Sister Sarah Bertler MSN RN

Experienced strengthening exercises. Some could be done while doing something else.  (How convenient!)

  • It it Dementia…or Just Forgetfulness by Dr. Cameron Goetz PhD 

Received ‘Steps to Brain Fitness’ for homework. A case study was shared and the testing results studied to learn more about cognitive decline.  

Our own Sisters reported on the latest regarding vitamin D, Calcium supplements, whether to take medication on an empty stomach or with food, etc. (Sharing like this answered many a health concern while offering supportive encouragement in choosing a healthier life style!)

T.S. Eliot’s words used in the workshops’s keynote seem very appropriate to conclude this posting: “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” 


6 thoughts on “What Do Franciscan Religious Include in a Community Health Workshop”

  1. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    I spent a very informative day with my community in Manitowoc. We had talks on transition, conflict management and forms of dementia. Then our two sister/nurse practitioners updated us on the use of over the counter meds and supplements. Best of all there was plenty of time to visit with friends! Great day!

  2. sisterjune says:

    The day was very informative and inspiring.
    God bless Sisters Anne & Caritas for planning and facilitating the day.
    Sister June

  3. Srosangela says:

    What a great Health Workshop!! It was most informative and inspiring. Thanks to all those who planned it and those who furnished us with a delicious lunch and snack. God bless you all.

  4. Sr Kathleen says:

    It was great to enjoy such a balanced day in every way.  You touched mind, spirit, body and even an appetite for sweets all in one blessed day!  Thanks so much for all the prayerful planning that was so evident in this day for us!
    Sister kathleen

  5. Sr. Leslie says:

    This was a great day. I was not expecting it to be nearly so interesting. Judy's talk was wonderful and it was perfect for a group of religous for whom cahnge is a way of life.

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