Franciscan’s Free Music Download: ‘Do People Bloom’ by Ezra Holbrook

by Sister Julie Ann on April 1, 2011

In this Lenten springtime Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer the free music download  Do People Bloom by Ezra Holbrook,  a reassuring ideal that people can and do bloom even in the deserts of life. Like St. Francis of Assisi’s poetic use of creation to praise God in the Canticle of the Creatures, Ezra Holbrook grounds himself in a deep earthy similie to sing a song of  hope and redemption in all of relationships.

Note: We wish to dedicate this song to college students who often feel like seeds waiting underground to bloom. We are grateful for faith-filled Catholic Ministry and Newman Center pastors and other dedicated support staff who offer direction and nourishment (and welcome us Franciscan Sisters in your midst) i.e.  UW Green Bay, UW Stevens Point, UW Whitewater, UW Superior; Northern Michigan University Catholic Campus Ministry, Marquette; St. Thomas Aquinas Center, Purdue, IN; St. Thomas More Newman Center, Columbus, OH.

For all  who carry spring in your heart, this song is for you!

Comment from Ezra

When I wrote this song I was struggling through some personal issues, issues that I felt were impacting the quality of my relationships with other people. The song is about meeting someone who inspires you to overcome your demons, hopefully becoming a better person. Its about redemption, second chances and whether or not we really can change who we are for the better. Needless to say I certainly hope we can.

About Ezra

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to contemplate Ezra Holbrook's 'Do People Bloom' as a free music download this month of April 2011.

Ezra Holbrook has produced music for over forty different bands spanning punk, rock, folk and funk genres. After ten years of growing his own material, this former Decemberist and current member of the Minus 5, Casey Neill & the Norway Rats and KMRIA, springs forth in his new solo album “Save Yourself”. Well-known both locally in Portland, OR and nationally, it is timely that Ezra’s solo effort is now heard.

You’ll want to listen to all of “Save Yourself”, a moving collection of songs that invite reflection on the themes of redemption, forgiveness and love with fine finger-tuned guitars, ardent vocals and sensitively-stirring lyrics. Read more about Ezra.




Purchase Ezra’s music at cdbaby

How does the song speak to you?

17 thoughts on “Franciscan’s Free Music Download: ‘Do People Bloom’ by Ezra Holbrook”

  1. A tradition we have in our community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity is that, as postulants, prior to entering the Noviciate, we choose a group title and patron saint for our group. The title we choose is “Seeds Unfolding in His Light” with St. Isidore the Farmer as our patron. This song is great as a reflection of who we are as “Seeds of Jesus” who continue to grow and unfold and bloom!

    Thanks so much Ezra, for sharing how God is unfolding and blooming in your life through your music and lyrics!

  2. LJK says:

    Thanks, Ezra, for the song. Thanks, Sisters, for making the song available.
    I'm sorry UW Oshkosh isn't included in the list. I hope you are welcome here, too.
    I'm hoping I get another chance (or 2) to bloom.


  3. We'd love to be invited to U.W. Oshkosh sometime!

  4. Hope and blooming grow on each other! We agree with you–Ezra's song is a springtime gift!

  5. Sister Natalie says:

    Thanks for this song to accompany the Lenten Journey.
    The whole time of Lent is about re-evaluating one's life and growing to be the best self that we are called to be.
    No one has it all together! We are called to face truth, a life of humility….conversion…turning to God.
    As long as we wake to another day there are more chances for change and hope abounds.
    Blessings on all the pondering!

  6. Sister Monica, novice says:

    To the questions in the song, I just want to give a resounding “Yes!” I have known a number of people, of various ages, who have made significant changes in their lives for the better, even when at the beginning they were wondering if it was already too late. It's never too late, and we are all called to transform our lives. God's grace enables us to do so.

  7. Lindsey says:

    The honesty of the questions Ezra raises in this song, I believe are also questions that we as a human race have about ourselves and about others in our lives. The imagery of the heart as a garden is a beautiful one, that gives hope for if you look at the life of Jesus, the Fall happened in the garden, agony was present in the garden, and restoration/redemption began in a garden. Ezra, thank you for the authenticity of your music that helps us to see our hearts as gardens where Christ desires to breathe new life. Your music gives hope to many people.

  8. Rose says:

    This song is so beautiful! It speaks so much to all of those waiting to discover themselves and wondering what to do in the meantime. It is a testament to all of those who are just trying to feel something…anything!! In the constant battle to know who you are , we are invited to take a rest in the heart of Christ, to be hidden in His wounds until we become, until we bloom into who we are meant to be. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts through the gift of your music, Ezra!

  9. Sister Monica, novice says:

    P.S. I love Ezra's voice and the music!

  10. Sister Pamela Catherine Novice says:

    The lyrics in Ezra's song are a cause for self-reflection, focusing on the continual process of change and growth in one's life. This journey of self-reflection occurs within, facing the truth of who we are, embracing that truth which in turn causes a means for continual growth. It is a constant cycle of dying to self and rising anew. Saint Jane de Chantal reflects upon this process of reforming one's life and states, ” …our Lord himself allows us to fall, many times in a stupid, clumsy way, so we can know ourselves better.” There is always room for second chances!

  11. Leslie says:

    This is a beautiful song. Full of truth and honesty. Seeds can be such dynamic symbols. Lives waiting in the soil waiting for the right time to grow into what they were meant to become. Thanks for sharing music with so much depth.

  12. Sr. Elaine says:

    Thank you for putting words to the thoughts and feelings so many people have about themselves – what their value is, where they are able to bloom and shine in this world. Each of us is like that seed planted in the garden, waiting to grow and flouish, needing proper nourishment so it can reach its full potential. During these final days and weeks of Lent, may we each be receptive to the graces God showers upon us, transforming us more and more into His likeness. Blessings upon you.

  13. E. says:

    In the song it asks teh question “Do people bloom?” and the thought that comes to my mind is, “Do people reach their full potential?”

  14. J. says:

    “is there life in hiding or are we dying on the vine” –it is not too late to bloom. I hide my true self and I hide what I could be capable fo doing-what I really desire to do-, but it's not too late.

  15. B. says:

    He is the vine, we are the branches.

  16. S. says:

    The music is very peaceful and calm. The lyrics made me think of the journey of someone's faith that got off track and they are trying to find their way back, but they don't know if its too late to 'bloom'.

  17. LJK says:

    Contact Sam Wood our Newman Center Director, or just email
    I talked to him about this last week and he said he knows you and would welcome you to present or be present at UW Oshkosh.

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