What Does Vita Consecrata Say to Young Catholic Women

by Sister Julie Ann on March 28, 2011

Our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Vocation Team was invited to a Sunday brunch, March 27, 2011, after the 9 a.m. Mass at St. Paul University Catholic Center with UW Madison young women to talk about Vita Consecrata. The invitation came from someone who made one of our Franciscan Discernment Weekends at our Motherhouse. Needless to say, we said ‘Yes’.

Before arriving on campus, time was taken to review John Paul II’s apostolic exhortation calling for consecrated persons to be icons of the Transfiguration. (Sounds like last week’s Gospel?) Later, after Eucharist while enjoying crepes (hardly your typical college meal) with carefully cut fruits, nuts and toppings, a free-flowing conversation covering the document’s three aspects of consecration, communion and mission was shared between personal introductions and real life application among those around the table.

John Paul II’s words in Vita Consecrata’s were alive:

To you, young people, I say: if you hear the Lord’s call, do not reject it! Dare to become part of the great movements of holiness which renowned saints have launched in their following Christ. Cultivate the ideals proper to your age, but readily accept God’s plan for you if he invites you to seek holiness in the consecrated life. Admire all God’s works in the world, but be ready to fix your eyes on the things destined never to pass away. (106)

3 thoughts on “What Does Vita Consecrata Say to Young Catholic Women”

  1. The depth of your women desiring to give themselves to Jesus is clear in their choices of prayer, reflection, study, and discussion! They inspire and enliven me!

  2. As we anticipate John Paul II's beatification in May, the month of Mary, it is important to note that this papal document does conclude with a special invocation to the Mother of Jesus. It reminds us to concentrate on the divine beauty in Mary and to see it mirrored in ourselves as we seek to follow the unique vocation that is ours.

  3. Srosangela says:

    I am grateful to our Community for giving us a copy of this and other encyclicals by recent Popes. It is good to be reminded of our consecration to Christ.

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