Called to Listen: ‘Jerusalem’ by James Raymond

by Sister Julie Ann on March 1, 2011

As Lent calls us back to prayer, penance, almsgiving and self-denial, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to listen to Jerusalem by James Raymond.  The song is really about the ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’ and the importance of proceeding through life in a manner that awakens us to reality. Lent is a season of special grace that challenge us to retain our spiritual ideals, while discerning our role in facilitating God’s Kingdom which has not yet fully emerged. As Thomas Merton wrote We may at times be able to show the world Christ in moments when all can clearly discern in history some confirmation of the Christian message. But the fact remains that our task is to seek and find Christ in the world as it is, and not as it might be.” 

Indeed, it is easy to expect too much too soon, or to only look for God in momentous events or movements, while missing God’s presence in everyday life.  We will be celebrating the Feast Days of Saints during this Lent who knew well the importance of discerning and finding God in reality, yet retaining a healthy and realistic hope – St. Isidore, St. Patrick, St Joseph, St. John Baptist de la Salle and St. Bernadette.

About James Raymond

James Raymond

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity highlight James Raymond's 'Jerusalem' as the March Song of the Month on Franciscanized World.

As an accomplished songwriter and composer, James has written and produced numerous projects, including television spots and arrangements for shows, series, pilots and recently scored the feature film That’s What I Am for writer/director Michael Pavone which premiered at the 2011 Santa Barbara Film Festival. 

An adopted child, James’ supportive parents were keen to pick up on his musical gift early in life. He started studying piano at the age of six and was playing in rock and R&B bands by his early teens. In 1995 James was reunited with his birth father David Crosby.  In June of 1998 the self-titled debut album from CPR (Crosby, Pevar & Raymond) was released on Samson Music.  CPR’s second studio record, ‘Just Like Gravity’ was released in June 2001.

Comment from James

“I have spent some time in Assisi and am very fond of the ideals that St. Francis embodies.”

-James Raymond

Lyrics: Jerusalem


10 thoughts on “Called to Listen: ‘Jerusalem’ by James Raymond”

  1. “Don't you know me by my well worn shoes?
    I walked this road with the King of the Jews.”
    This song gives one much to ponder. I do appreciate this line very much, it reminds me of a favorite phrase of Bishop Robert Morneau, I'd rather wear out/burn out, than rust out [for Jesus]. May each of us know that Jesus is walking with us as we soon being this lenten journey! Thanks James for sharing with us and for challenging us to look at our relationship with Jesus today!

  2. God is with us forever. He has never left us. And it is imporant for us to go back (to Jerusalem) and find our love for God as well as rediscover God's love for us.

  3. Jillian says:

    God is with us forever. He has never left us. And it is important for us to go back (to Jerusalem) and find our love for God, as well as rediscover God's love for us.

  4. Lizette says:

    God is in modern day world; Jesus is in all who love and allow Him to be. God's love and fire are raining down on me. Also the words in the song -“But I got stoned against this very wall”-everyone gets persecuted or hurt which I feel I am living in trials just as Jesus did. All of His suffering is turning into God's grace and love, which I feel that is occuring in my life.

  5. Vero says:

    In a way it helps heal your soul and find that peace in your heart. It reminded me of a story and placing yourself back in the time of Jesus.

  6. Caley says:

    I can picture myself jamming to this in my car:) I liked the line “Call me certified delusional.” It's jsut another reminder/encouragement to go after God even though some people will think you're crazy.

  7. Kristine says:

    It is a great wonder that God placed something in each of us that makes us react to a series of notes & chords. Music is used for rejoicing and weeping. Music just shows passion in melodic and symphonic form.

  8. I came back…I came back…
    I like the repeated effort to return to a place of holy significance and meaning. The coming days hold promise to do just that in our own way, in our own time. In fact the place is in the minutes of the ordinary, not necessarily adding anything that is not already there, but living with greater awareness of doing all things with and for Christ.
    Thanks for all the great comments on James' song.

  9. Sveronica says:

    I came back to Jerusalem and it's all coming down right now reminds me of a verse in Psalm 51 that speaks about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. So often I think of that verse and how they rebuilt /restored the temple in Jerusalem and yet how we are able to learn from that and not only rebuilding buildings, but walls within us, within ourselves, to restore us in a deeper way to live in Christ, to live in God. It is beautiful to be able to be strengthened, restored, rebuilt in Christ.

  10. Sandy and Gene Gonia says:

    Hi Sister Mary Ann,
    I just heard another lenten song you might wish to check out. It is the band Redhead Express. They have a song called 'Of Our Fathers Love Begotten'. It was released Dec 2008.
    Sandy Hammond

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