Who Do Catholic High School Girls Admire & Why

by Sister Julie Ann on January 23, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, interacted with over 80 Xavier High School, Appleton, WI,  junior girls for a vocation session during  a  recent retreat day. It was an opportunity to find out first hand who these young Catholic women admire and why. 

Xavier High School Girls and Sister Mary Ann

Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers returns to her alumni Xavier High School, Appleton, WI for a junior class retreat day vocation session.

Here is a summary of the responses to this important question from the young women themselves:

 Who do you admire? Why?

  • Mom: because she is my Mom, good role model, does the right thing, is strong, positive and extremely kind to everyone, always there for me, has overcome so much
  • Grandma: helped raise me
  • Mom and Dad: trustworthy, strong, happy, show love without hesitation, work hard to support family
  • Anyone who is accepting of others and is genuine
  • My Dad: has a lot of common sense and is determined, strong in faith and is a true person, has worked his way up despite hardships, gives me advice and is there whenever I need help, positive outlook on life, rock of our family
  • My older sister because she is strong, independent and incredibly nice
  • When I’m with people I enjoy and I can see the good in my life
  • Parents and grandparents

These were the more popular answers. Here are few other candid responses:

  • My friend’s sister because she is successful, fun and happy
  • A.- who can get along with anyone
  • B.- who is a wonderful person, open to new ideas and always accepting
  • My brother, he never gives up and is determined to reach his goals
  • My aunts because they are good people
  • C.-he is ridiculously patient.
  • My religion teacher-he is one of the few people I know that I can always rely on
  • D. because she cares

Fr. Daniel Schuster, Green Bay Vocation DirectorAnd a few more unique responses…

  • People who do their best all the times
  • Grandpa: does what he thinks is right
  • Jesus, his awesome love never ends
  • Neighbor
  • Friends: they are strong and beautiful
  • People who know who they are and stay that way without being in your face
  • My sisters, they are amazing women
  • My sister…she’s awesome
  • Grandparents because they have been married for a long time and still love each other.

How would you answer this question?

3 thoughts on “Who Do Catholic High School Girls Admire & Why”

  1. These young women were an inspiration for me! Their openness, participation, reflectiveness, candor, questions, prayerfulness, and respect reflect very much upon who they are as young women in the Church! It was a joy to be with them and to share with them!

  2. Annemarie Lom says:

    So good to see you back in Appleton, Sr. Mary Ann. Women I admire are my two biological sisters who are dedicated to their faith and their families and some of the wonderful sisters in our community who have mentored, guided, and advised me over the years. I look forward to others' response to this piece.

  3. Sr. Delores says:

    My 8th grade teacher, Sr. Alexa, really inspired me. She loved Christ, people, life… I still feel her influence, love and guidance. I thank God for the gift of her in my life.

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