Try a St. Francis of Assisi School Turkey Recipe

by Sister Kathleen on November 23, 2010

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy shares her 2010 St. Francis of Assisi School Kindergarten Class turkey recipes from Greenwood, MS. Creations are not tested in the school or local convent kitchen, but left for your personal enjoyment and experimentation. Happy Thanksgiving!

Darius’ Turkey Recipe

  1. Go into the woods and look beside the bush. When you see three, take the first one in line because it will be the good one. Grab it and put it in a bag.
  2. When you get it home chop it up with a knife. Peel the feathers off.
  3. Put a little bit of ketchup inside every piece.
  4. Put it in the oven for 6 minutes. It will get fatter in the oven and when it’s real fat it will be done. Then you eat it with some toast and chicken.

Lizeth’s Turkey Recipe

  1. Go to the zoo and ask for a turkey. Take a little one.
  2. Put it in the oven. Put in one tortilla with it.
  3. Put the circle on the oven on the number 10 and leave the turkey there for an hour.
  4. When it is done it will look like chicken. Now you eat it and use your napkin.

Cassidy’s Turkey Recipe

  1. Go to the Jackson forest. Look on the ground cause that’s where they stay. Get the one with the colored feathers. Use a net.
  2. Put him in a box and take him home.
  3. Take him out of the box and pull the feathers off and throw them in the garbage.
  4. Put 1 inch of butter on top. Put a boxful of grits inside him.
  5. Cook him in the oven for about 10 minutes.
  6. Open the oven and see if he looks kind of brown. If he is then take him out.
  7. Make some stuffing out of rice mixed with marshmellows.
  8. Make some cake and put some icing on top. Then you pray and start eating.


St. Francis of Assisi Kindergarten Turkey Makers

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy shares St. Francis of Assisi Kindergarten Turkey Recipes from Greenwood, MS.

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10 thoughts on “Try a St. Francis of Assisi School Turkey Recipe”

  1. A delightful way to see Thanksgiving preparations through the eyes of a child.

  2. srsharon says:

    Sr. Kathleen. How adorable! From the mouths of babes. You all have a blessed SOUTHERN THANKSGIVING! Sr. Renee will join us tomorrow nite and stay over for THANKSGIVING!

  3. Leslie (postulant) says:

    Wow what a wonderful class. Put a box of grits in it now that is some good advice. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Sannmary says:

    Love the recipes the kindergartners gave us. What wonderful creative recipes. May they have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings on you Sr. Kathleen.

  5. Jstefanow says:

    So sweet! Reminds me of the book of recipes my sister's kindegarten class made for Mother's Day (20 years ago!), which included my personal favorite for chinese food that started with “Get the take-out menu from next to the phone and call the restaurant….” 🙂

  6. Sister Kay says:

    Thanks for sharing the joy and blessings of young children! Love it!

  7. Skathleen says:

    Thanks, everyone, for reading our recipes. The kids loved doing them and the real joy of this project is seeing the certainty with which they dictate their ideas. May your day be “stuffed” with blessings!

    sr kathleen

  8. Sweetsue64 says:

    Look at all we go through to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner when out of thr mouths of children there it no fuss, it's so simple. Can we simpify our Christmas preparations? What treat to read their recipies. God Bless you! Good job in creative thinking Sister Kathleen.

  9. This was so fun to read!!!!

  10. sdeloresw says:

    This is great. Thanks for sharing the creativity of children.

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