Relive Franciscan Sisters Historical Pilgrimage to Gieboldehausen, Germany

by Sister Julie Ann on November 8, 2010

Marking the 141 anniversary of our founding as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity on November 9, we invite you to enjoy May 2010 pilgrimage photos and memories of Sister Caritas Strodhoff, OSF and Sister Patricia Sevcik, OSF to Gieboldehausen, Germany.

27 Franciscan Sisters from the German Congregation of the Poor School Sisters of St. Francis amalgamated with the American Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity of Manitowoc in 1875. This is part of our glorious past.

Click on the link  below to read Sister Caritas’ research and personal entries of her visit to Gieboldehausen.

 Sister Caritas Strodhoff shares Germany Pilgrimage Dictations

6 thoughts on “Relive Franciscan Sisters Historical Pilgrimage to Gieboldehausen, Germany”

  1. To belong to something of God greater than oneself that has spanned the test of time, approved and blessed by the Church, is a humbling mystery of which I am beyond grateful! Thanks to all the Sisters who have gone before us!

  2. Sister Carol says:

    How blest we are to learn more of our own history and to see it. With many of our Sisters being of German heritage this is truly exciting and enriching. If only to be able to see into their minds to know how they felt when they knew they had to leave and come to our humble, country beginnings. Thanks for sharing part of our heritage. Glad you were able to go.

  3. Skathleen says:

    How did I miss this? I knew you went to Germany, but didn't realize what a pilgrimmage it was for all of us to share in. Your notes and pictures were almost like being there. You must have had a wonderfully potent sense of history–ours and theirs! What a great treasure to share. Thanks!

    sr kathleen

  4. srsharon says:

    Sr. Patricia & Sr. Caritas, thank you for this artistic rendition of pictures of Gieboldehausen. On the otherhand even out of ruins comes life. Blessings on all those who have come before us. Just returned from the 125th. anniversary of St. Agnes Parish in Mingo Junction, Ohio and how rich their heritage is also and the blessings of Msgr. Dooley is still bearing fruit. At the Mass a native priest, Fr. McGuire commented on the spiritual richness of that parish: 70 Religious Vocations from that parish including 15 priests. See the December Community Memo. Was privileged to visit our former Sr. Ruth Hall in Wheeling, West VA at Liaza's Place, a Hospice to share memories and prayers with her. She was Principal at St. Agnes in Mingo Junction, OH. and part of that rich heritage.

  5. sdw says:

    Thanks for sharing what you found….

  6. Sisterannjoachim says:

    A very interesting article about our Sisters from Germany coming to the United States and to a community that was growing in pioneer country at the time. What an adjustment for these Sisters as well as our founders.

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