How a Catholic Pasty Sale is More Than Something to Eat

by Sister Margey on November 17, 2010

Read about Sister Margey Schmelzle (Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity) who shares how much pasty sales contribute to a strong ecumenical spirit at St. Augustine, Republic, MI in the Diocese of Marquette.

St. Augustine Parish Pasty Sale

Franciscan Sister Margey Schmelzle is part of the action at the St. Augustine Catholic Community Pasty Sale, Republic, MI.

The pasty sale has come and gone and we are a little more tired!!!!  We made 1,212 pasties on Saturday and everything went very well – not a single glitch! 

Because our community of St. Augustine is small, we have generous help from our friends from the Baptist, Methodist, and Lutheran churches.  It truly is an ecumenical endeavor with St. Augustine making the money.  Isn’t that a good deal???

Just a few interesting things about the origin of the pasty sale at St. Augustine.

The new St. Augustine Church, built in 1963, was known as “the church that pasties built.”  The women of the parish would put the ingredients together in the parish house and then take the pasties to people in the neighborhoods to be baked and brought back to be sold. When the kitchen facilities in the new church were completed, the women thought they died and went to heaven! The Republic mine was in operation at the time and the women would take orders from the miners and then deliver them for lunch!

The pasty sales continue to this day and help to pay for the winter expenses at St. Augustine.  Far more important though, is the wonderful working relationships with our friends and neighbors from other churches.  The spirit of cooperation and joy is without comparison.

12 thoughts on “How a Catholic Pasty Sale is More Than Something to Eat”

  1. momofpenguin says:

    What a wonderful fund raising project! It looks like a lot of work, but I bet they had a lot of fun too! I always wanted to try a real MI. pastie…. would love to get the recipe! They look very good!

  2. Thanks for sharing a very Eucharist-like moment–a uniting of brothers and sisters through ordinary food.

  3. Lgramann says:

    I love their pasties…..some times I am fortunate enough to get a reject, ones that have a crumbed crust. They are made with real lard so those watching your health a half a one would do you well

  4. Sr. Elaine says:

    Mmm! The pasties look delicious! What a beautiful way to have everyone working together. Blessings upon each of you for your giving spirit.

  5. srsharon says:

    Sr. Margey & Sr. Lois, WOW, what a HUGE project of 1,212 pastries! CONGRATULATIONS! I liked that idea of “the pastry church.” Also, years ago when the miners used to send in their orders and they were delivered to the mines for lunch. How ingenious! Keep the pastries coming and WHAT fellowship it makes also. Blessings!

  6. What a wonderful community effort!!! Thanks to all who support and nourish God's people! Special blessings Sister Margey and Sister Lois for all you do to further Jesus' Kingdom!!!

  7. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    I was fortunate to be able to have a real pasty at Escanaba a few weeks ago as a group of Third Order Seculars and I explored Franciscan spirituality. The pasty and a homemade dessert were all that was necessary for lunch. My congratulations to Srs. Margey and Lois for uniting people of a variety of faith traditions in this community task.

  8. Srosangela says:

    What a truly remarkable feat!! To make all of those pasties is amazing in itself, but to have help from the various denonminations is a wonderful accomplishment. Sister Lois and Sister Margey, you are to be congratulated for your work and ecumenical spirit. What a fun way to share the spirit of God.

  9. Sr. Delores W. says:

    Sr. Ellen introduced me to pasties. They are a treat. You have quite the production to create so many. It looks like you are having alot of fun with the project. Congratulations-Sr. Lois and Sr. Margey…

    God is using you in wonderful ways…

  10. Sannmary says:

    Congratulations, Sister Margey and Sister Lois, for the great fundraiser. I had pasties when I was in Ironwood. Loved them. What a wonderful way to create community among all denominations.

  11. Sweetsue64 says:

    Way to go Sister Margery and Sister Lois, I'd say the church was built by the Christian community's labor of love and what a better way then with a community favorite: Pasties! Thanks for the beautiful example of a FSCC. What a witness of Jesus' feeding the hungry body and soul. Thank you and God Bless you!

  12. George says:

    Hi, I just watched the TV show on the A&E Network in which St. Augustine’s pasties were featured. Is the recipe online? Or a how-to video online? Would love to try to accomplish this great meal-in-a-sammich!

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