How a Franciscan Sister Draws to Pray

by Sister Mary Beth on October 20, 2010

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Beth Kornely shares her own retreat prayer.

Just thought I would share this with you. Part of how I pray is drawing. The drawing you see is a gift from retreat.

Franciscan Prayer drawing

Franciscan Sister Mary Beth Kornely shares a drawing inspired by prayer during her recent retreat.

While I draw, I have no plan, or sense or idea on what is going to come out of it. This is totally an uncharacteristic picture of what I usually do.

I had asked God for some ‘cool’ art work, and our ‘cool’ God gave this ‘cool’ picture. I did not see the transformation until about an hour after it was done. My coloring is not in the lines because life is not that way.

Franciscan Sister Encourages Drawing for PrayerHave you ever used art to pray?

If you are struggling with contemplation, markers or crayons may help you focus on that which is important to you. (See Praying in

Anyway, if this can be of some use in any way, feel free to use it.

” Continue earnestly in prayer…be vigilant…” Col 4:2


5 thoughts on “How a Franciscan Sister Draws to Pray”

  1. Aishikawa says:

    I do that to and it most amazing the art work that God can inspire in me too. I doodle when i need to stay focused on prayer as i get so distracted easily. I amy have to put some of mine online too.

  2. Ssharon says:

    Sr. Mary Beth, THANK YOU for sharing your gift of ART & your medium of praying. How unique when you can draw the spiritual out of it even AFTER you have completed your art work. The SPIRIT is a-moving. Sometimes I WRITE and it's amazing WHAT transpires and you wonder: “Did I say THAT??” The lips of the Lord through the SPIRIT alive in our hearts!

  3. Sweetsue64 says:

    I did drawing as a means to bring forth some of the emotionsthat were going on in my life and creating a picture helped me express what was going on in my life at the time. I think it's a wonderful expression and a way to remember something that really was/is important. Thanks much for sharing.

  4. Sannette says:

    Thank you Sister Mary Beth for share with us a part of your retreat prayer and gift. God's goodness radiates out to us in so many and varied ways. You help make us aware of His gentle love and goodness through your prayer and art.

  5. Srosangela says:

    Sister Mary Beth, thanks for sharing this. What a unique way to pray. I'm not an artist, but do some journaling. God is with us in various ways. God bless you.

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