View Some Franciscan Summer Snapshots

by Sister Caritas on September 2, 2010

While Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, Sister Caritas Strodthoff, OSF, serves as a nurse practitioner, enjoy here on Franciscanized World her hobbies of gardening and photography.

Any thoughts?

13 thoughts on “View Some Franciscan Summer Snapshots”

  1. “Be praised, my Lord, through our Sister Mother Earth, who sustains and guides us, and produces diverse fruits with colored flowers and herbs. ” Sister Caritas, you indeed have a Franciscan heart and you are doing 'your part' in caring for for 'all' of creation!

  2. Lois Rizzo says:

    Thank you , Sister Caritas, for giving us an opportunity to explore the creative and corlorful beauty of God's Creation of Nature at work.

  3. Shelena says:

    Thank you, Sister Caritas, for sharing your beautiful flowers. The butterflies are plentiful as your pictures show.

    You truly have a green thumb and an eye for beauty.

  4. sisterannemarielom says:

    What a feast for eyes and spirit. As we rest from some “labor” this weekend, I will have memories of beauty behind my eyes (as in nap or sleep) 🙂 Thank you for your unique and colorful perspective.

  5. Sjune says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures of flowers and butterflies. And for all the Beauty that you give to us and visitors.

    I appreciate the beauty.

    God bless, Sister June

  6. srsharon says:

    Sr. Caritas, you certainly have a “green thumb” and an eye for the creative wonders of God's CREATION! THANK YOU for sharing those talents far and wide. This year I decided to enter flowers into our Cuming County Fair and also photos (usually do). The array of photos and flowers was TREMENDOUS. One of our St. Joe's ladies won BEST of SHOW for her crocheted dresser scarf. Just returned from a A.M. walk and the air was actually crisp and a million stars. Praise the LORD! Gratefully, Sr. Sharon Paul

  7. Srosangela says:

    How lucky we are to have such beautiful flower gardens around us. Sister Caritas, I don't know how you do everything that you do!!! Thank you and may God continue to give you the strength and energy you need to accomplish so much. Thanks also to the other Sisters who take care of the various flower gardens which are enjoyed by all.

  8. Smaryfrances says:

    Your flowers have graced our chapels all summer long. Praised be Mother Earth! Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing your green thumb with everyone, Sister Caritas! The butterfly is magnificent and watching so many of them grow into their beautiful selves has been a lot of fun for the Sisters and employees here at HFC. The counter is bare where we watched in anticipation of new life for many, many days. God bless you for your love of God's creation, Sister Caritas.

  9. Sannmary says:

    What a beautiful slide show. I enjoyed Sister Caritas' garden all summer long. It was always changing. Thanks for all your hard work.

  10. Sr. Delores says:

    Thank you for the lovely flowers… God is praised in your garden. I thought of you Sept. 5th, when the monarch migration was taking place along the lakeshore. The monarchs were everywhere and a glorious site to behold.

    Sr. Bernadone and I went to be amazed. Then I walked back there again. I am amazed of their 2,500 mile journey to Mexico.

  11. Sister Chiara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us. You do a wonderful job in the gardens, and they sure turn in to beautiful bouquets for chapel! So, whether we are inside or outside we can contemplate the beauty that the Master Artist graces our world with. He truly is amazing. May He continue to bless you!

  12. Sr. Carol Seidl says:

    I always enjoy walking past your flowerbed each summer that I am home. It is so homey and colorful. The arch to the garden is so inviting to walk in and sit awhile on the little garden bench. Thank you for opening up your hobby of tending God's garden with all of us.

  13. Sister Nancy says:

    Welcome reminders that Spring and Summer will return again to paint our Winter landscape! Thank you for sharing!

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