Experience Community at Supper for the Poor

by Postulant Leslie Gonia on September 28, 2010

On September 26, 2010 five Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and four postulants prepared and served a meal for “Sunday Supper for the Poor”, which takes place on the last Sunday of every month at Wesley Methodist Church in Manitowoc. About 70 people enjoyed a hamburger casserole, coleslaw, spiced apples, homemade buns, and homemade cream puffs. It was a wonderful experience.

People who come to Sunday Supper are hungry for more than food; they have a hunger of the spirit. Many people in this world are lonely and coming together in a community of caring makes a difference in their lives. Many of the people who came to Sunday Supper knew each other.  They have built relationships and made connections. They have made a community and I was happy to be a part of it for the evening. Never underestimate the power of listening to another person. Taking the time to share with people can be just as important as feeding them a meal. It is feeding the soul. Everyone who was present gave to each other in some way.

I met some interesting people. Including a man who was curious about my relationship status, he asked me if I had a boyfriend, I said, “Yes his name is Jesus so you better back off.” I explained that I was a postulant and he turned out to be a fun person to talk to. I listened to people’s stories; a seventh grader who hates school, a former semi-pro football player who just moved to Manitowoc, a grandmother who raises her grandchildren, and people who were generally exploring their faith. Everyone has a story and they need someone who is willing to listen to it. Service is a two way street, often the people who are doing the service are being served.

12 thoughts on “Experience Community at Supper for the Poor”

  1. Leslie, you are a great conversationalist! Thanks for sharing one more experience in your new life as a postulant.

  2. Gonl9818 says:

    You're welcome, I'm glad to be here.

  3. We read with the rest of the world that Fr. Thomas Dubay died on September 26. A Marist priest who gave many summers to our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity community in the area of formation and spiritual growth, as well as presented classes live or via audio casettes to our Novices, leaves a legacy of published retreat notes and memories in the lives of many religious. Poverty was one of his favorite topics. (Tennis was once one of his passionate sports! )

    And it is good to read here that formative experiences continue to feed our relationship with God and His people.

  4. Rose says:

    It was a really great experience, yes! The people were very obviously eager for fellowship and not just food. Praise God that He provides these opportunities for us to grow in service and love!

  5. sisterannemarielom says:

    Noting Rose's comment, it does seem you are growing in love and service daily. How many wonderful adventures you've had already. You must be open to many new experiences and that's a key characteristic of Francis, in my book. Thanks for sharing this loving service with all of us.

  6. sisterannemarielom says:

    Yes, his works were a large segment of our formation in the late 1960 era. We listened to many tapes and then discussed the content. Today, we'd probably talk with him via Skype! May he rest in peace.

  7. Sr. Elaine says:

    Wherever we are, if we see with the eyes of faith, we are able to tend to the needs of others. It is always a gift to be able to share one's time with others, converse with them, share a meal, but I find that at the end, I usually come away with a lot more than what I feel I gave, for the spirit of others has a way of entering in. That is truly a gift. We are blessed to be so surrounded with opportunities to grow.

  8. Ssarah says:

    In response to Leslie's comment “everyone has a story and they need someone who is willing to listen.” I was observing a clinical experience for Bellin College students. As the students gave nail care, the people they served shared wonderful stories. A few shared on a very personal level, and I will be grateful for a long time person who shared how they learned to forgive a physical injury done to them, and began to heal once forgiveness was given. When I asked what prompted trying to forgive, the answer was “nothing else I was doing, was working. I had nothing to lose. It took 2 years but I am better because of it.” Wonderful faith enriching stories in humble moments of service.

  9. S. Isabelle, Novice. says:

    I'm glad this turned out the be a great experience for all! Leslie, like the comment!

  10. To see Christ in those whom the world counts for nothing–St. Francis continues to inspire us to walk in the way of Jesus!

    Way-to-go postulants and sisters!!!!

  11. Sweetsue64 says:

    We need to take care of the physical needs of people before we can serve them what they really need: God. Our presence, our kindness, our caring wherever we are feeds each soul with the real food Jesus Christ.

  12. Blessed are the poor in spirit… Thanks for your comment.

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