What Happens at Camp Franciscan

by Sister Julie Ann on June 14, 2010


Official Camp Franciscan Photo

Here's the official Camp Franciscan Photo with some Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and 55 campers who spent June 15-17, 2010 together at the Motherhouse in Manitowoc, WI.

 If you haven’t heard of Camp Franciscan, this posting is for you. If you are a former Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity summer camper who made  friends with other junior high, high school or college age young women at a previous experience at our Motherhouse is  in Manitowoc, WI , you may want to check out our photos to restir memories of good times.

Some simple facts about Camp Franciscan 2010:

  • ‘Simplicity’ is this year’s theme.
  • There are 11 high school/college age campers fulfilling various leadership roles.
  • Counting everyone including  junior high campers, the 55 young people come from 5 states, 6 (arch) dioceses, and 17 parishes.  Next,  add a few more generous adults acting as chaperones.
  • Opening camp activities  include the choice of  the fine arts-choir, band, dance, or drama.
  • Other group sessions promise to inspire moments of prayer, creativity and community building.
  • Many Franciscan Sisters, including our Novices, and some of our postulants for the fall of 2010 are actively involved in the days.
  • Katie Nelson shared a concert Wednesday night. She performed her latest music.

Return often to find out ‘what happened’ at Camp Franciscan June 14-17. Our flick’r account  and our facebook page will update daily.

54 thoughts on “What Happens at Camp Franciscan”

  1. ARA says:

    I wish I could stay longer!

  2. Maggie Mcconnaha says:

    Camp Franciscan reunion tonight at my house! Beth, Julie, and I will be watching 3, maybe 4 movies and making jean bags. The movies include Sister Act, Sister Act 2, Trouble with the Angels, and maybe Sound of Music. Can't wait!

  3. Sounds like fun Maggie!!!! I think my favorite is the Sound of Music, however Trouble with Angels is also fun as well as Sister Act ….do enjoy!

  4. Some of us saw Megan from Manitowoc the other day. So glad that you are keeping the jean bag trend going! Sister Mary Ann and I are starting to gather ideas for C.F. 2011.

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