Wonder What the Franciscan Sisters Do at St. Paul Elder Services

by Sister Julie Ann on April 1, 2010

New life abounds. Satisfy your curiosity and read about how the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving at St. Paul Elder Services, Kaukauna, WI are celebrating the Easter Season.

Sister Joy Rose, OSF, Sister Dorothy Wagner, OSF and Sister Lois Ann Gosch, OSF share their every day lives in this Francisacan  tradition begun 60 years ago when the Thilmany/Wertheimer mansion was given to the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity by Bishop Paul Rhode of the Green Bay Diocese to use for charity work. Over the years this work has expanded to provide a continuum of care for the elderly in the Fox Valley.

So Sisters, what do you do all day?

26 thoughts on “Wonder What the Franciscan Sisters Do at St. Paul Elder Services”

  1. Sister Helena says:

    Holy Week and Easter Blessings to each of you!

    I have had the priviledge of living with the three of you at different times. When I saw your picture above the thought that came to my mind was your hearts are as big as your smiles. May the Lord be with you in all you do for the people of St Paul Elder Services.
    Sister Helena

  2. How fitting to share your humble, yet jubilant lives at St. Paul Elder Services on this Easter Vigil as you bring hope to sick and the dying! Thanks for being that Franciscan presence to those deserving our love and respect. Peace and all good, Sister Julie Ann

  3. Sister Lois Ann says:

    May your Holy Saturday Vigil & Easter be filled with the true Hope and Peace that Our Lord brought to us. The 3 of us Sisters at St. Paul's will be celebrating the Easter Vigil with the Capuchin Friars at St. Fidelis Friary in Appleton (a Capuchin Retirement Home) . Our St. Paul's Home is “Home” for their Friars that need the care of a Nursing Home.
    Good Friday was a reverent time recalling Christ's Passion with our residents at the 3:00 pm Service. It was a moving experience to see the Residents venerate the Cross while one of our Physical Therapist sang of the Old Wooden Cross. Tears came for many to know what Christ went through for each of us.
    Happy Easter!
    Sistter Lois Ann

  4. sisterpatsevcik says:

    What good news to see your happy faces again and to thank you for your wonderful, loving service to the community of St. Paul Elder Services, a place dear to my heart! Know that you are in my prayer as your bring life to all you meet, work with and serve. Happy Easter days and weeks!

  5. sisterannemarielom says:

    From serving on the Board of Directors for SPES, I continually hear of your dedication and effective ministry. I am grateful for your service and respectful care of the elderly.

  6. sisterrosangel says:

    Dear Sisters,
    You share the JOY of the Resurrection, not just at this time, but all year long. May God continue to bless you in all that you do for the people of God. My love and prayers are with you.

  7. sisterdorothywagner says:

    Happy Easter Week!
    It was a wonderful Holy Week at St. Paul! The excitement of Palm Sunday with a wonderful palm-swinging procession turned into the Holy Thursday celebration with foot-washing and celebration of Eucharist and adoration, to the solemnity of our Good Friday, to the quiet (whatever that is in a busy place like this!) Holy Saturday, to the joy of Easter Sunday. Because of the many families that like to accompany a loved resident to mass, we had a 9:30 and the usual 11:00 Mass. A well established guitar group that has been coming to St. Paul for years uplifted everyone to the heights as we celebrated the Risen Lord. At the 11:00 mass the daughter of a resident led our the congregation in the wonderful Easter hymns. And now we continue with the ALLELUIAs for 50 days.

  8. Mellissa says:

    Their time, dedication, and committment to St. Paul is indeed noticed. As an employee I truly appreciate working with you and commend you all for a job well done!

  9. Ellen says:

    I'd like to recognize Sr. Dorothy's, Sr. Joy's, and Sr. Lois Ann's dedication to St. Paul Hospice Services as well! Sr. Dorothy offers wonderful spiritual support and listening ears as our patients and family members as they journey through the dying process. She also makes strong efforts to inform others about our program and the specialized Hospice care that we provide not only within our facility but the community. Sr Joy carefully seeks out caring volunteers to companion and do various other tasks for our patients and their loved ones. Sr. Lois Ann lovingly greets and assists our hospice family members as they enter our campus. She also kindly listens to their stories and advocates for them. As you can see they each add a very special element to our program and we are certaily lucky to have them here with us!

  10. sisterloisann says:

    Today in the scriptures the Lord comes to the disciples and their reaction is at first fear – then joy & amazement.
    As we looked out this morning, the Lord's beauty brought joy and amazement as the earth was covered with about 5 inches of snow coating every tree branch, daffodil that had blossomed and the tulips coming up. Yes a time of praising the Lord and singing Alleluia. As I visited some of our patients in our 29 bed Rehabilitation area, some had not looked out the window yet. As their drapes were opened, their eyes looked in amazement. Last week we had Spring weather into the 70's – this morning it was in the 20s with snow!
    My ministry here at St. Paul's ELder Services is the Concierge at the Front desk, greeting and welcoming each person that comes through our doors – some may be staff coming to work or going home, family members, patients for outpatient therapy, new residents, people that provide supplies or other services for us… Each day has the meeting of so many wonderful people. For some, they have never been to our facility before and so as I take them to wherever they need to go, they receive a bit of a tour and sharing of what we are all about here and how we cherish the life of those we care for and their families & friends.
    If you are near Kaukauna stop in. If you have questions/comments, please e-mail us.
    God bless you and your family.
    Sister Lois Ann

  11. Tina says:

    Hello….. Sr. Joy, Sr. Dorothy and Sr. Lois Ann!!!
    You truly carry out the mission in all of your dedicated work and all of the time and talents that you share at SPES!
    It is always so nice to see you in the hall for as you pass by they ALWAYS have a smile on their face and greet you!

  12. sisterjoyrose says:

    What a glorious wonderful day with sunshine and the snow about gone. A week ago it was Good Friday and today the scripture speaks of faith with the putting out of the nets again and then eating and the breaking of bread with the Lord. St. Paul holds many faith filled experiences for me as I go about my work of assessing potential patients to enter our doors and encourage, greet and orient old and new volunteers to help us spread “The Good News”. We are so blest to have such a caring and sharing local community. May your day be filled with faith-filled experiences.

  13. Sister Sharon Paul, O.S.F. says:

    Thank you, Srs. Joy, Dorothy & Lois Ann for making a difference in the lives of the people of St. Paul's Elder Services. Sr. Joy your footprints are all around here at West Point, Nebraska. Thank you for serving here also. It's amazing as we are celebrating this year 125 years of presence of our Srs. here in West Point and there is it 60 years?? Imagine how MANY of our Sisters and lay people have shared their talents, expertise, care, compassion and prayers at both of these places. God's choicest blessings on them past, present AND future!

  14. sisterloisann says:

    As the disciples prayed, the earth shook. Of late there have been many earthquakes and shocking news. The people of Poland mourn the death of their President, wife and many of their Government key people. The many people devastated by the earthquakes around the world without food, water, shelter, medical care, dealing with all the physical needs as well as the loss of family members. As we pray for all of these in need, our world view moves us from our mission here at St. Paul's home to embrace others in the Spirit. The wind may blow where it wills but so does the Spirit.

  15. sistershirley says:

    God bless you, Sisters Joy, Dorothy and Lois Ann, for your informative spiritual comments on the work and spirit that you bring to St. Paul Elder Services and the community. I have visited St. Paul's and have witnessed your caring and joyfilled spirit to all. You are an inspiration to all.

  16. Keith Tomlinson says:

    After being part of the staff of a large nursing home/retirement community in Iowa for 21 years, it was so good to discover St. Paul Elder Care so close to our new home when we moved to Kaukauna last summer. And how uplifting it is to interact with Sister Dorothy, Sister Joy and Sister Lois Ann on a regular basis when I come to St. Paul's for various volunteer activities. Each one has their own unique way of ading to the Christian “flavor” of the facility, and yet all three share a joyful, friendly, faithful spirit. Thanks for accepting this retired Lutheran pastor into your ministry with such open and welcoming hearts.

  17. Irene says:

    This blog is not big enough to list all the things Sr. Joy, Sr. Dorothy and Sr. Lois do all day !!! As a volunteer at St. Paul, all I have to do is look around and they are there with the answer to the question I haven't even asked yet. They make volunteering there a joy and such a learning experience. I am rewarded every day I'm there just by the smiles on their faces. So if it affects me that way, just think what their smiling faces does for the residents !! We are all truly blessed with their presence!! Thank you Lord!

  18. Joyce says:

    What a joy it is to come to SPES each Tuesday as a volunteer and be greeted by Sr. Lois with a big hug! As I walk down the halls, I see Sister Dorothy and Sister Joy helping residents, always with a kind word or a cheerful message. God's spirit of love is felt every time I am there.

  19. luev says:

    Nice pictures! Glad to have you all at SPES. I have worked and volunteered with these wonderful sisters and have seen the dedication that they have to their profession and to the resident's, clients, patients, and staff.

  20. sisterloisann says:

    Celebrating life is special here at St. Paul's – it may be the Easter Season, Spring, but special times are birthdays.
    Sr. Joy's birthday was April 16th. H ow do we celebrate the lives of those we live with here at St. Paul's? On the 15t we had a surprise special supper with decorations of our dining room, making the 16th a prayer day for Sr. Joy, today sharing a meal out at a local restaurant, next weekend having Sr. Joy's family here to celebrate. Sr. Joy has a special touch in the birthday of each of our residents in the nursing Home here – she bakes the birthday cakes that each resident receives on their day.
    Hope you take time to celebrate those around you on their special days. Life is precious.

  21. Sr. Sarah says:

    Don't forget the leisure activities between work. Gardening for food and beauty! The Sisters are blessed to work with many good hearted people as volunteers, staff, residents and family.

  22. sisterloisann says:

    Last Thursday I did one of my favorite activities at SPES, a presentation on St. Francis and our FSCC sponsorship of SPES. Our anniversary committee thought the staff should have a better understanding of FSCC so my powerpoint presentation goes from Francis to our community and on to “What should you do as an associate to carry out the ministry?” This overview hopefully keeps people in tune with what ministry really is – we follow Francis, but each of us needs to find our particular way.
    AND, Sister Sarah, we are truly enjoying this long spring and all the daffodils and tulips blooming around our house. The growing bug is biting us, but we know that we need to wait for “frost free” days.

  23. Thanks for your faithful sharing of your lives. I know I learned so much about the goodness of the people who are part of your lives. The Lord bless you all.

  24. sisterloisann says:

    April 22, 1970 was the First Earth Day and each year we as Franciscans celebrate this day with the many around the world. As Franciscans, we have a great respect and reverence for God's Creation – the beauty of the sunrises & the sunsests, the birds singing, the flowers coming up; trying to conserve the gifts of water,light,fuel; opening God's world to those we serve. What part of the earth brings God's life into your life?

    Today we celebrated the gift of our Volunteers – Treasures to us who share their time, talents, energy to give life to those whose lives they touch here at St. Paul's Elder Services. Sr. Joy, our Director of Volunteers, organized the Banquet time of saying “Thank You” to each with a beautiful handmade box from recycled cards and their pin attached to the cover and a note of thanks for their years/hours of service within. Each volunteer is a treasured presence. Two of our Volunteers have actually been with us since 1955! Our “Villa Voices” (Singing Group from our Assisted Living area) provided the entertaiment – what a delight to hear them sing. They cut a CD this year to share their gift of song.
    May you find this day full of God's gifts all around you.

  25. Sister Dorothy says:

    Yesterday was a day of helping people with end-of-life issues. It is always wonderful to connect with families and make their journey with their loved one a little easier. Since our regular priest went on vacation, I was able to connect with a woman's pastor and he was able to come to in the early evening. The family wanted to be present for the Anointing of the Sick (We offer it at SPES 4 times a year, but are in an in-between-time). It was again a moving experience when the family stood around the bedside and the lady was able to be alert to their presence and prayer.

  26. Flowerpot says:

    emmm i have to write this presentation thing for r.e and im stuck? i don't get the whole thing like i cant find any information about what does siters of francis do in everyday life? i need some help so if ur willing to be kinds send me a linky on the internet or sumhin so i can answer the questions .

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