Wishing Special Blessings on High School Seniors

by Sister Julie Ann on March 13, 2010

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franciscan-sisters-beading-with-seniors.JPGIs it too early to wish special blessings on high school seniors journeying forth for the challenges of college?

On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity (Sister Doris Jurgenson,OSF,  Sister Annette Kurey, OSF, Sister Joellen Kohlmann, OSF, Sister Mary Beth Prinz, OSF, Sister Andrene Flasch, OSF,  Sister Mary Ann Tupy, OSF,  Sister Sharon Paul, OSF, and Sister Monica franciscan-sister-joellen-begins-prayer-of-blessing.JPGMary De Quardo, OSF) cleared the date on their calendar and invited Central Catholic senior girls to St. Mary’s Convent, West Point, NE for a relaxed evening of food, conversation, a hands on activity and prayer.

  • Food: pizza, veggies, desert bars and a variety of ice cream treats
  • Conversation: retreats, school happenings, sports, speech contests, work and future plans for college
  • Activity: creating Sacrifice Beads or prayer beads traced back to St. Therese. Intent on perfecting her life to grow in daily in holiness, when the  ‘Little Flower’ was a child she had a small string of beads in her pocket to help count her good deeds offered to God.
  • Prayer: giving thanks and glory to God with presentation of a cross with a scripture quote as a reminder of our life long journey to Christ

Blessings are ever timely. Who is it that you are wishing special blessings on today?

Note: Sister Sharon Paul, OSF supplied photos and information for the posting.

11 thoughts on “Wishing Special Blessings on High School Seniors”

  1. Sister Annette Kurey says:

    The evening gathering with the Senior girls at our house was so nice. Their energy and enthusiasm was life giving to us. They have so many interests and things going on in their lives that it is often hard to find a date or time that works for them to come. But this year was great. Everyone seems so relaxed and totally present to what the moment held. It was a simple and enjoyed sharing of time together. The Senior girls have just been preparing activities for the retreat days for the freshmen, sophomores and junior so the making of the Sacrifice beads held a special interest for them. And let’s just say it, “They are really special young woman”.

  2. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Yes, ditto to everything that Sr. Annette said. The minute the Senior girls came into the front door of St. Mary’s Convent they shed their shoes so that told me we were going to be in for a relaxed, fun evening and that it WAS! They had just come off of three interesting happenings that led to their enthusiasm. No. 1, they won third in State basketball, No. 2, they won second in their Speech presentations and 6 students from CC qualify for State in 7 different categories. CONGRATULATIONS! No.3, they are presently giving talks to their 9th. 10th. & llth classmates for Retreat. Some of the topics chosen: “Good & Bad Relationships,” “Save Sex For Marriage,” “Faith and the Importance of It.” I am proud of all of you and THANKS for coming!
    As to Sr. Julie Ann’s question on blessings on this blog I would like to wish graces and gratitude to all those who work tirelessly on behalf of VOCATIONS and those who work with young men and women throughout the world in particular, one young man who is discerning a “call” to serve the Lord. Thank YOU all!

  3. I would like to wish special blessings to all seniors as they prepare for graduation. It is a frightening and beautiful time. I wish blessings on all those parents, teachers and friends who support these young people as they pass through many stages of transition and change.

  4. Blessing prayers are ever renewing! It sounds like our Sisters were also enriched by the lives of these aspiring young women filled with the promise of all that is to come. God is ever near and alive in all our lives.

  5. Sister Rosangela says:

    As I read this, I admire the Sisters for taking time and energy to invite these young women to share in our life. I admire the young women for what they are doing to help the younger students. There is so much good in the world that we do not hear about so it is refreshing to read about the good here. God is surely present in our Sisters and in these young women. Thank you all for witnessing Christ to others.

  6. How fun to have these young women enjoy life with our Sisters! Blessings upon each of you as you get closer and closer to your graduations!

  7. Sister Rosangela, you have brought a smile to my face when you mentioned all the good happening in this world that people do not hear about. I enjoy visiting your site frequently. Everyone here is positive and uplifting! God Bless you all.

  8. Carly Manley says:

    I just want to thank all the Sisters for having that nice gathering at your home! thank you and we had a great time! 🙂

  9. Sister Annette Kurey says:

    Carly, You are most welcome! We truly enjoyed having you with us. It was a delightful evening, so nice to hear about your interests and plans and share in what is important to you. Thanks for your comment. Liked your picture too! Blessings on you and your family.

  10. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Carly, am glad that you enjoyed the “Convent Outing.” Thanks for your comments and perhaps you could encourage your other Senior friends to look at this Website and comment. I would enjoy hearing from them. May God ALWAYS hold you in the palm of His hand!

  11. Mollie Brunsing says:

    Thank you so much for inviting all of us over to the convent! It was a wonderful evening. Thanks again!

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