Who is a Saintly Man of Action and Contemplation

by Sister Julie Ann on March 9, 2010

2010030036bonaventure_inside.jpgPossibly you read that Pope Benedict mentioned another Franciscan in his March 3, 2010 Wednesday audience. St. Bonaventure was acclaimed as “a man who passionately sought Christ…a living ideal for all the followers of St. Francis”. Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora, OSF, a member of our religious community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity presently doing doctoral research on this ‘good man, affable, pious and merciful”, may site this address in her thesis.

monsgr-and-franciscan-sister-marie-kolbe.JPGSister Marie Kolbe recently took a road trip with others affectionately called ‘Green Bay’ers (all having a connection to the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WI) to St. Bonaventure’s home.  Here are some of Sister’s comments:

As we approached what was left of “Cività”, I had the sense of silent, deserted majesty.  Silent Deserted because hardly anyone is left in this old walled city; majesty because both the structures and the spirit of those who have remained communicate beauty and persevering strength.  What is left of the comune is enchanting . . . and that is the best word for it . . . enchanting.  The unusual scenery, the unique quality of light, and the silence lent a mystical aura to the old comune. 

bonaventure-home2.JPGThe curves, arches and light in the streets invited one to imagine how those streets must have originally extended . . . Also, light was, perhaps, the most fundamental category for Bonaventure’s theology.  My unexpected experience of the light’s quality in “Cività”, along with the expansive view, gave me a key to appreciating the luminous, expansive theology of this Doctor of the Church. For more photos click here.

Among the Green Bay pilgrims included Msgr. John Dewane, Bill Brunner and Brian Romportl. Eucharist at Bagnoregio proper to the Church of St. Bonaventure was a proper closing for the day. Can you name any saintly men or women of action and contemplation? 

4 thoughts on “Who is a Saintly Man of Action and Contemplation”

  1. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Sr. Marie Kolbe, what an interesting experience being on the site of the home of St. Bonaventure and to be with some “Green Bayers!” As to the question:”Do you know any saintly man or woman of action & contemplation?” St. Thomas Aquinas would be one of the brilliant saints who lived at the same time as Bonaventure. He also received a doctorate of theology at the same time as Bonaventure. He wrote his famous “Summa Theologica” from which many catholic doctrines are derived. It would be interesting to compare their thoughts and tenets sometime.

  2. Thank you for posting the “fruits” of this most interesting trip. After five or more consecutive days of rain and fog, we have sunshine today (Sunday, March 14). I can appreciate “light” now more than ever. I’m also grateful for the captions on many of the photos shown under “more photos”.

    Another saintly man I admire is Oscar Romero. We are approaching his 30th death anniversary on March 24. Two weeks before his assassination he told a Guatemalan reporter, “If they kill me, I shall arise in the Salvadoran people. If the threats come to be fulfilled, from this moment I offer my blood to God for the redemption and resurrection of El Salvador. Let my blood be a seed of freedom and the sign that hope will soon be reality.” His complete surrender to God is a real inspiration for me.

  3. The thrill of actually placing one’s own feet on the soil of a saint’s birth is difficult to describe! Thanks for sharing the ‘heart’ of your study on St. Bonaventure, Sister Marie Kolbe. Wouldn’t it be grand to know more about each of the early followers of Francis? Indeed, the variety of personalities and richness of their vocation stories could only mirror our present day Franciscans and encourage us to be ourselves!

  4. Wow, Sister Marie Kolbe! Your pictures were beautiful and to actually walk where Bonaventure was is awesome. I almost felt like I was back in Assisi as I looked at your pictures. How wonderful it was that you were able to share your experience with friends. Thank you for your prayers and be assured of mine as you continue to work on your thesis and travel.

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