How One Franciscan Sister Received a Gift of Roses

by Sister Julie Ann on March 12, 2010

Two local Zanesville, OH, businesses, Times Recorder and Imlay Florist, decided this week to recognize Sister Cyrilla Jackels, OSF, a sponsor representative of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at Genesis HealthCare System, as this week’s recipient of the Gift of Roses.

franciscan-sister-cyrilla-and-others-doing-transporting-at-zanesville-medical-center.jpgThe nominator said, “There are not many who have been to Genesis Good Samaritan in the last eight years and have not met Sister Cyrilla. She is a very warm, generous, loving person. Having spent over 30 years in Lima, Peru, Sister is very fluent in Spanish and has been an interpreter on many occasions at Genesis and in other situations in the Zanesville community.”

Congratulations, Sister Cyrilla!


11 thoughts on “How One Franciscan Sister Received a Gift of Roses”

  1. What a wonderful way to show such appreciation and caring for such a neat one of our Sisters! Having lived with Sister Cyrilla in Peru for 10 years I can attest that she is as beautiful as the roses! Her generosity, postivite spirit, prayerfulness and sense of humor continue to inspire me! Felicitaciones mi amiga y Hermana!

  2. For someone with special devotion to St. Rose of Lima, a gift of roses couldn’t be more appropriate! Peace and all good to you, Sister Cyrilla. The description of you is so you especially the “very warm, generous, loving person” part.

  3. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    We are so proud to be a part of you,Sister. Thank you for great image you show unto others. Truly you are Christ like.

  4. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you, Sr. Cyrilla on receiving the GIFT of ROSES in Zanesville, Ohio. Thank you for sharing your gifts of life to others and especially to Genesis Health Care System. Most deserving! Keep those roses blooming! Gratefully in St. Francis, Sr. Sharon Paul

  5. I am so happy for Sr. Cyrilla and her presence to the people of Zanesville. I’m sure the gift of roses was another opportunity to bring Christ’s love and healing to a ever wider circle. Peace and all good, Sr. Cyrilla!

  6. Sister Maureen Anne Shepard says:

    Living and ministering with you, Sr. Cyrilla, is a wonder-filled experience. Your humility is inspiring! You radiate God’s love and goodness to all! Truly you are a face of the Genesis Mission of compassionate, quality healthcare.

    Sr. Maureen Anne

  7. Sister Mary Beth Prinz says:

    Congratulations, Sister Cyrilla! I was thrilled to read that you received the Gift of Roses! I have many wonderful memories of your ministry in Zanesville and Peru! Every positive comment about you could be multiplied many times!
    Peace and All Good!
    Sister Mary Beth Prinz

  8. Sister Helena says:

    Thank you for being who you are, Sister Cyrilla! You have endeared many people.
    May the Lord continue to bless you gracious generosity.

    Enjoy the roses!

  9. Sister Rosangela says:

    Congratulations, Sister Cyrilla. I am so happy for you and for the people whom you serve. They certainly recognize who you are. Your warm smile makes one feel special and important. You are a true gift to our community and to all people. God bless you.

  10. Sister Natalie says:

    This is an honor well deserved, Sister Cyrilla!
    Presence, a smile, and showing concern are all ways to up-lift everyone’s spirit! God bless you for witnessing the healing touch of Jesus by your daily reaching out to the people you meet along the way. You are supported by my prayers!

  11. Sister Carol Juckem says:

    Congratulations, Sister Cyrilla! We are so proud of you. Thank you for letting the light of Jesus shine through you. I’ve felt it myself. May Easter be especially bright for you this year. Sr. Carol Juckem

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