Here’s One Way to Learn About Religious Life

by Sister Julie Ann on March 23, 2010

img_7528.jpgAbout 35 single, Catholic women accepted an invitation on March 23, 2010 from Bishop David Ricken for Eucharist, a simple meal and casual conversation on the topic of religious life. Diocese of Green Bay’s Vocation Director Father Tom Long facilitated the evening while women religious including the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity witnessed and answered questions. 

img_7531.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters offered transportation to students from Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Roncalli High School and UW Green Bay. Here are their responses to two questions on the return ride home:

What did you learn?
  • pattern of the call is familiar. God never tires of coming back to invite
  • realization of the different ways of following God- living out a consecration
  • God is not going to call me into something I can’t do. He wants our happiness.
  • Realization that Sisters can be nurses
  • Importance of staying in communication/contact with families
  • Process of formation
  • All said they had a void or emptiness when discerning.
  • There are Sisters in pink.
What was helpful about the evening?
  • Hearing the Sisters stories
  • Relaxed, prayerful setting
  • Knowing/learning that God calls everyone in a different way
  • Starting with Mass
  • People coming from different backgrounds
  • Sisters from different orders

Any comments?

4 thoughts on “Here’s One Way to Learn About Religious Life”

  1. To be able to share about how Jesus touches our lives and invites us to deepen our friendship with Him is always a blessing!

    It was so neat to be with these young women, may God give each of them the graces they most need to respond to His call in the Church!

  2. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    What a special gathering on sharing the life of the Lord and how He spreads His wisdom, love and care & mercy in each of your lives. It sounds like a blessed time in also touching on WHAT VOCATION is among God’s people. I bet you girls enjoyed visiting the colleges also. May the Lord be your guide always in all ways and thanks to all those who participated.

  3. Sister Rosangela says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for these young women to come together with the Bishop and Father Tom. I’m sure it was enlightening to know that others have the same questions and concerns in discerning Religious life. Hopefully much was gained by sharing Faith with each other. God bless all of you.

  4. I was encouraged in my own vocation by the enthusiasm of the young women who I spent time with on this evening, especially my traveling companions. The Eucharist, as well as the simple food, nourished us and stimulated conversation. Thanks, Bishop Ricken, for the invitation. And thanks Father Tom and your support staff for serving us so graciously.

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