Wondering About Franciscan Community Life at Roncalli Convent, Manitowoc, WI

by Sister Julie Ann on February 1, 2010

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During the month of February, the eight Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity living at Roncalli Convent, roncalli-convent1.jpgManitowoc, WI promise to blog on their daily lives on Franciscanized World.

Sister Annette Blonde, OSF, Sister Barbara Mathe, OSF, Sister Bernadone Fagan, OSF, Sister Delores Wisnicky, OSF, Sister Dolores Herrmann, OSF, Sister Elizabeth Ann Miller, OSF, Sister Helena Young, OSF, and Sister Jane Kinate, OSF will answer the question: What’s a Sister’s typical day like? Be assured of varied perspectives, but a commonality of Franciscan spirit in living community life today in the midst of responding to real needs among the Sisters and beyond to the people of God in Manitowoc County.

Now, Sisters, tell us about your pictures and what do you do all day?

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  1. Sr. Helena Young says:

    Good Morning! I’m Sister Helena and I am Director of Quality and Compliance for our Franciscan HealthCare Ministry. My responsibilities include coordination, supervision and reporting of the quality and compliance efforts of the organization. I work in a collaborative/consultative role with the representatives of our subsidiary organizations and with other corporate staff members. In the picture of Karen and I we are reviewing a report prepared for the Corporate Board meeting. The report is from our subsidiary organizations which include Franciscan Care Services, West Point, NE; Genesis Health Care System, Zanesville, OH; Holy Family Memorial, Manitowoc, WI; and St. Paul Elder Services, Kaukauna, WI. It is a privilege to work with the individuals from each of these organizations.
    Things I enjoy doing outside of my ministry reponsibilities are cook, bake, knit, watch my favorite teams win and keep in touch with my family in Ohio. I am also always willing to help wherever I can in my day to day community life at Roncalli.

  2. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Good A.M. to you Srs. at Roncalli and a blessed FEAST of the PRESENTATION! It will be a treat to hear from each of you. Thank you! Sr. Helena, I did wonder what piece of the pie is your responsibility. You explained it well. We will be seeing you here in a few wks.Blessings to each one in your important ministries to build up the Kingdom of God daily!

  3. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Good A.M. to you Srs. at Roncalli and a blessed FEAST of the PRESENTATION! It will be a treat to hear from each of you. Thank you! Sr. Helena, I did wonder what piece of the pie is your responsibility. You explained it well. We will be seeing you here in a few wks.Blessings to each one in your important ministries to build up the Kingdom of God daily!

  4. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Hello, I am Sr. Delores Wisnicky. I am a teacher out at St. Mary’s/St. Michael’s Clarks Mills. I teach religion to Gr. 1-8. We have double grades and I enjoy teaching there very much. The children are friendly and open to the Lord. I teach all morning and then in the afternoons, I visit and take Communion to the homebound. Some of the people are in their own homes, some in the nursing homes in the area. We have about 40 homebound.
    This is my second year here and I continue to learn much each day. I like the teaching and visiting combination. God is leading each day.
    I enjoy going for walks, listening to the birds, making cards, reading and writing poetry. I also do some crafts at times.

  5. Sister Rosangela says:

    It’s great to hear what you Sisters living at Roncalli do since you are in various ministries. It was interesting to read about Sister Delorose and Sister Helena’s work. I look forward to hearing from the rest of you. May God continue to bless you in your various ministries and in your Community living. I imagine scheduling things is a challenge.

  6. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    How interesting to observe that I lived with four of you Sisters already;some for years and another for only a short part of the summer. How wonderful that you are taking this opportunity to communicate with us your work done for the Lord. Your happy smiles make the world look brighter.Mahalo or thanks!

  7. I spent 14 happy years at Roncalli ministering in Campus Ministry and teaching Religion courses. I love the setting of the convent where you can look west and see trees, fields and, at times, students practicing football or running on the track.

    Thank you, sisters, for sharing your multifaceted life with us.

  8. Sister Annette Blonde says:

    I am Sister Annette and just came home from tutoring at Cabrini Middle School. I help the 6th graders basically in math, but then if they need help in other subjects, I help them out in those, too. I start my work at 11:25, and am finished at 2:15.
    In the evenings, I enjoy “Wheel of Fortune” (I’d never make a fortune!)and then play cards. A common card game we play is called “21”. I also love to read, and work in puzzle books. Then it’s off to bed, which some evenings, can’t come soon enough.

  9. Sister Barbara Mathe says:

    Good Evening. I am Sister Barbara and I am the counselor for the two elementary campuses of St Francis of Assisi School in Manitowoc. Since we’re just beginning the second half of the school year, the Principal and I decided to refresh the students about our Anti-Bullying campaign. Once a month we all wear pink shirts to sand up to bullies who think it might not be cool for a boy to wear pink. Each day I teach classes to students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 about goals, friendships, personal safety, self knowledge and esteem, as well as career wareness. It’s a wonder-full way to help children grow personally and spiritually.
    Outside of my ministry as counselor I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, knitting and crocheting, and scrapbooking. I’ll even being doing an enrichment crocheting class with some 3rd and 4th graders in February.

  10. Sister Elizabeth Ann Miller says:

    Hello! I am Sister Elizabeth Ann and I teach 5th grade at St. Francis of Assisi School in Manitowoc. Since there is only one homeroom of 5th grade in our building I teach all subjects. My first love is teaching Religion with Social Studies as a close runner up. I have 20 very loving and hard working students.
    We have been praying for some snow for our winter wonders outdoor class this coming Friday. Apparently God is answering our prayers. The problem is that we didn’t specify the amount and God is making sure we have plenty to play in and for snowshoeing!
    I enjoy cooking and baking, playing games, visiting friends, and watching a good movie.

  11. Sister Annette Blonde says:

    Sister Annette here reporting on the day. Because of the weather, school was dismissed at 1:00. The excitement of the students couldn’t match the concern of the teachers that all of them get home safely whether by bus or car. Then the teachers themselves need to get home safely. And that is a real concern as two of them come from Green Bay, one from the Valders area, one from Two Rivers, and the rest from Manitowoc. But once all are home safely, then it’s a thrill to have a little extra time to do “catch-up”.

  12. I’m glad to hear at least some of you had “snow time” off. Nothing like relaxing after all are safely home.
    Sr. Elizabeth Ann, I hope you and your students enjoy your snow activities.

  13. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Catholic School Week was alot of fun for us at Clarks Mills. One day we went on a fieldtrip to St. Francis Convent. The children and I sang for the Sisters and visited with them. It was great! The Sisters had some one on one and then cookies were shared. The Sisters also sent home little bags of goodies. The bus ride was a buzzzing as the children looked inside and had to show everyone what they got.
    God blessed our time together in wonderful ways.
    During the week, I wrote what follows:
    Lord, thank you for our Catholic School
    You guide us in living the Golden Rule
    Thank you for the values that are strong and true
    Thank you for showing us what to do.
    Your miracles and parables hold us in awe
    As we perceive your precious call.
    Your compassion was of the highest kind
    Your love- a rare find.
    Master Teacher-Show me the way
    To live and walk in grace today.
    You offer us so much more
    May we listen as never before…

  14. Sister Annette Blonde says:

    Today is Ash Wednesday and 2 of us sisters went to 7:15 Mass at one of our parish sites. The attendance of the Liturgy was absolutely awesome. And I know that the attendance at our daily Masses will also be increased. It is so inspiring to see and feel the faith of God’s people.
    The other sisters here at Roncalli had the opportunity to attend the Liturgy at their schools where they work. There was a school Liturgy at each of the schools from primary to high school. We have opportunities galore within our parish of St. Francis of Assisi.
    May all of you have a blessed and profitable Lent.

  15. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    We started our spiritual workout, springtime for the soul—Lent. We had a powerful Liturgy, praising God, looking to His Mercy and turning our hearts to Him. This is a graceful time.
    Then Fr. Dave, Deacon Tom and I met to see who will go where in visiting our homebound today and bringing them ashes. I am going to the Valders area.
    God awakens our soul…

  16. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Sister Elizabeth Ann, a sub from former times asked about you last evening at the West Side Lenten Services. Remember Mary Ann Kemp? She is back for a short while as a grand child is due soon. Greetings to all at your home.

  17. Sister Annette Blonde says:

    Today is Saturday – another day given us by God. And it is a beautiful day. Makes the spirit glad to be alive! What am I going to do today? I will do some jobs around the house, and then I’ll help my aunt celebrate her 90th birthday. She is at Shady Lane Nursing Home right here in Manitowoc, and my brother and sisters are also coming to celebrate with her and her children.
    Tomorrow, Sunday, three of us are going to Mount Calvary to attend Mass and visit a young man from Michigan who is a senior and feels called to priesthood. After graduation, he is going on to priestly studies. There are four of us who catechize in Upper Michigan, and this young man went through our religion program, and then came back to help us in the following summers. He is a fine young man and will do a wonderful job in his ministry.

  18. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Hi Sr. Marie Bernadette,
    I remember Mary Ann Kemp. That is great that she is back! If you see her, please greet her for me. She is a good sub and a gentle woman.
    I walked along the lake yesterday and it was so calm. I thought of you all and the power of the ocean. I pray these days are holy ones for you. The journey of faith with the Lord is not always clear. Trusting in Him is a daily walk… I love listening to the birds as I walk. God bless you all.

  19. Sr. Helena Young says:

    Hello! It is snowing here in Manitowoc today. It makes everything clean and beautiful for a short time. It makes me think of Lent and our efforts to make our soul clean and beautiful through our sacrifices and other Lenten practices. We are blessed as ST. Francis of Assisi Parish has many opportunities to participate in the different Lenten Practices. The Sunday Evening Prayer-Vespers was well attended yesterday. It is nice to pray with the Parish in this way. Stations of the Cross will be offered several times this week and each week of Lent as well as the Sacrament of Reconciliation and lecutres on different prayer forms. We are blessed to have these opportunities available to us. May your Lenten Season be grace-filled for you.

  20. Sister Annette Blonde says:

    Oh, wow, is Nature ever preening herself today!It is snowing and blowing,making beautiful snow sculptures wherever she can. And then come the snowplows! But Nature still continues and tries all over again. We can learn from this in the sense that if our first attempts at something gets wiped out, or doesn’t work out, go right back to it and start over. The second attempt may even be better than the first! I know – I’ve learned from experience.

  21. fatusesHist says:

    The response to national disaster is great but it’s a real shame that so many people take advantage of the negative situations.

    I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there’s always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

    This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys “angels” got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

  22. I am looking to connect with my Great Aunt Bernadone by marriage. I sent her a friend request on facebook and also sent her a message. I am trying to work on the Fagan geneology. I am not sure how to contact her. Can someone at the Convent let her know I am trying to reach her. My email is: fivecrazycats@yahoo.com. I have included other ways to contact me in the message I sent her on Facebook.

    Thank you and God Bless!

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