Franciscan Sisters Part of Herald Times Reporter Best Photos of 2009

by Sister Julie Ann on January 30, 2010

img_5252.jpgEnjoying Benjamin Wideman and Jaslyn Gilbert, two creative professionals from the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, for a Day in the Life with the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity coverage of Motherhouse happenings was a calendar-marking 2009 visit for the Catholic women religious.

Imagine the thrill, however, when finding out that Jaslyn thought her time spent with the Franciscan Sisters worthy of documenting not just once, but chose a photo from that February franciscan-sisters-motherhouse-in-winter.jpg2009 day in a special feature entitled: 2009 the year in Photos, an annual edition featuring a collection of the Herald Times Reporter’s best photos of 2009. Of course, Benjamin designed the paper-print copy of this remarkable insert. (winter photo-Jaslyn Gilbert)

You’ll want to check out the on-line photo gallery for the finest images and learn a bit more about the photojournalists at the same time. And while they last, get your hands on the Friday, January 29, 2010 Herald Times paper insert!

4 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Part of Herald Times Reporter Best Photos of 2009”

  1. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Jaslyn & Benjamin, GREAT job. THANK you for choosing photos from our Holy Family Convent Motherhouse. I remember hearing about your tour, pictures and interviewing a year ago. It’s wonderful shooting interesting and meaningful pictures isn’t it? What’s that saying: “A picture is WORTH a thousand words.” I’m located in West Point, Nebraska and many people took some interesting pictures of the snow and ice storm this year. Isn’t the Lord’s beauty a MASTERPIECE? Blessings in your important ministry.

  2. Two of the most respectful and gifted journalists I’ve ever worked with! It was a pleasure sharing our life and home with you!

  3. One year later…Ben’s just finished Day in the Life appropriately at a seasonal ski lodge and daily plans Herald Times Reporter winning layouts while Jaslyn freelances and focuses on camera action at UW Oshkosh. Our lives remain connected through the wonders of Franciscanized World and in our mutual desires to share the goodness of our world.

  4. When there is much “spin” on the negative slant of journalists and people of the media in general, this article was a breath of fresh air and a confirmation of all that is good and true in our world. Thanks, Franciscanized World.

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