Order the Latest in Franciscan Vocation Posters

by Sister Julie Ann on December 21, 2009

It’s a simple message. The world needs you. God calls you. We invite you. It’s a call for a permanent commitment of love for God and His people. It’s so totally Franciscan building the church today not using brick or mortar, but with hands made for loving service.

img_7188.jpgAnd we need you. Help us distribute this Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s vocation poster. It comes in 2 sizes (10 in. x 14.25 in. and 16.25 x 24 in.)to fit wall/bulletin board spaces at your Catholic parish, university, college, Neuman or campus ministry center, favorite coffee house, classroom, young adult hang outs, etc.. Operator on call to accept your order 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. CST. Free shipping and handling charges.

Contact us here or send us a message on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Order the Latest in Franciscan Vocation Posters”

  1. “Beauty, like truth, brings joy to the human heart and is that precious fruit that resists the erosion of time, that unites generations and enables them to be one in admiration. And all this through the work of your hands…Remember that you are custodians of beauty in the world.”

    Words Pope Paul VI used to address artists on Dec. 8, 1965.

    Ageless words we as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity choose to fittingly thank the artisans who assisted with this poster. Your touch of beauty makes us ‘look good’.

  2. These newest posters are attractive and informative. I am so happy to help distribute them in the Oshkosh, Winneconne, and Omro area. I totally agree… bless the artisans who assisted with this project.

  3. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    What a great idea to have POSTERS to distribute on our Franciscan Srs. of Christian Charity. Thank you to all those who helped make this a reality!

  4. We are serious about needing all your help. Our phone lines are open to any requests for posters/brochures. We are ready for Camp Franciscan registrations as well. See Upcoming Events:

  5. I’ll put up your poster – the smaller one. If you wish to give us some brochures, we can put them out under our bulletin board, but no more than six.

    You can give them to Fr. Finian and I’ll get them from him. Save more money that way!
    Fr. Jerry

  6. Thanks, Fr. Jerry. We so appreciate having you as our Franciscan brother!

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