Inquisive about Franciscan Sisters’ Typical Day e.g. Kekaha, HI

by Sister Julie Ann on December 1, 2009

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How do our Franciscan Sisters serving at St. Theresa Parish on the Garden Island, Kauai in the Diocese of Honolulu prepare for Christmas? Continuing the conversation of ‘what a typical day is like’, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity hope to provide some food for thought with yet another posting on the life of our Sisters.

hawaii5.JPGLearn about Sister Marie Bernadette Dorn, OSF, Sister Carol Ann Gambsky, OSF, Sister Hannah Johnecheck, OSF, and Sister Mary Ann Feminella, OSF, as well as Sister Mary Doris Anne Okere, IHM who is ministering with the Sisters at the present time. 

Expect the slideshow to change as the Sisters share other photos.

Sisters, do tell us what do you do all day?

18 thoughts on “Inquisive about Franciscan Sisters’ Typical Day e.g. Kekaha, HI”

  1. Sister Jan Villemure says:

    Aloha Sisters,
    It is great to see all these familiar places in your home and near the ocean. I loved my five years on Kauai. The memories are as fresh as if it were yesterday. Praying our Divine Office on the shores of the Pacific with the ocean roaring made the psalms come alive as never before. My book is still rippled from the night Sr. Kathleen and I got caught in the rain at Port Allen Harbor, as we prayed Vespers.
    Visiting Waimea canyon for the first of many times, the view of mountain, ocean and a rainbow in one panorama brought tears to my eyes, in gratefulness to the Creator of all this beauty. It is one of my favorite places for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Of course swimming and snorkeling at Salt Pond and Poipu Beach are a close second.
    When I received my assignment to the Yuma desert, my students asked why I would give up Hawaii for this desert. I told them we go where God calls and we find beauty of a different kind in each place, especially in the people.

  2. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    So you would like to know what we do all day? Well today will be different. The water will be turned off all day from 8 to 4 this afternoon. Because the water pipes are so old, they are forever breaking and we are out of water for an hour or so.Today new pipes are being installed. We are grateful.Therefore I am going to Lihue and look for St. Nicholas while the Sister are busy teaching. My day did start with the Office and Mass. Now I need to wait until school starts so that I can receive the Sister’s November check or I won’t have money to spend. Besides what would people say if the Sisters’ check bounced! Horrors,right?

  3. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Advent greetings to you Srs. from Nebraska to you in beautiful Hawaii. We are having a bumper crop again this year and the farmers are having a challenge getting it out of the field due to high moisture but the years I’ve been here the Lord has blessed the farmers with a wonderful harvest. Your surroundings are also beautiful & meaningful. Each State has it’s own God-given beauty doesn’t it? So glad you, Sr. Doris Anne have an opportunity to be with our Sisters ministering in the apostolate. Have a blessed ADVENT!

  4. Sister Rosangela Weiland says:

    Happy Advent to all of you Sisters in Hawaii. Your happy smiles tell us you are joyful in your work no matter what it is. As we face the beginning of winter, I think a lot of us wish we were there with you!! May God bless you as you share community and engage in your apostolate.

  5. Greetings from Oshkosh where we had our first snowfall today. Though it means more work, most of us are happy to see the beautiful white blanket. I am eager to hear from the other sisters about their days. Each day is so unique and beautiful; it is always a blessing to share it with others.

  6. Hi, my name is Sr. Mary Ann and I teach the Kindergarten class at St. Theresa, Kekaha, HI.I have 11 students. We started the year with mostly 4 year olds and some 5 year olds. Now all of the children are 5 years old. They are a cute group and very playful. This week we have been learning about Advent and practicing the songs for Mass. We have been working on the (Echo) Holy, Holy for a few weeks and now they really know it.
    This morning during the Mass, one of my little ones said, “When are we going to sing the Holy Echo.” I smiled and when it was time for us to sing the Holy, Holy, he straigthen up and sang with all his might. It was precious!
    This afternoon as the class was coloring a sheet that would help them review numbers and the color words, one of the boy came over to me and asked what the word was. I said, “Look at the beginning letter.” He told me the letter, made the sound and said, “RED.” I told him he did a great job and then very serious he said, “I didn’t know I know how to read.” He was so excited! These are just some of the treasures I encounter during my school day. Oh, one more thing. Today we had PE and we have been working on improving their hand-eye coordination. The were in two circles (boys and girls),tossing the ball to each other. I would go around and toss the ball to them. I said to one little girl, “Are you ready?” She said yes and I tossed the ball. As I tossed the ball I saw that her eyes were closed. When I mentioned that to her, she laughed and I laughed too. I told her that she needed to keep her eyes opened. After a few more tries she was able to catch the ball. Yeah!! Well, that’s it for now. I’ll share more later.

  7. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Do you wonder what happened in Lihue the day I went shopping? Just to tell you how hungry people are to see Sisters in garb, I had three separate encounters which I want to tell you about. As I received my senior cup of coffee in McDonalds, a man leaned over who was sitting with his grand children. Proudly he told me that he attended a Catholic school in Kapaa where the Sisters were in full garb. As I looked for a kitchen item in WalMart, I heard someone say,”she’s a Sister.” I turned to see a care taker explaining to two teen age girls what I am. I had a pleasant little chat with them. On to Costco which is a wholesale store. Suddenly a woman came to me and asked,”Sister, may I hug you?” Why was a simple hug so important? God’s grace is at work in our world.

  8. Sr. Hannah Johnecheck says:

    My name is Janica Pascua. I am a student from St. Theresa School and I am in 7th grade. St. Theresa School is full of a nice catholic education and helps us stay focused of our faith in God. In seventh grade, the classes are challenging, helping us learn more everyday. Things are different in every lesson we learn.
    St. Theresa School isn’t like most schools on the island of Kauai, because we go to church every Friday and sometimes Thursdays. We learn new things on how to improve our faith in God, or how to become a better person in and out of school.
    The best part about St. Theresa School is that the classes are small, making learning easier. The teacher always has time to check up on the students in every subject. There aren’t many students in every class, so everyone knows each other very well.
    St. Theresa School is a fun-filled catcholic school with an education focused on one thing–our love and faith in GOD.

  9. Sr. Hannah Johnecheck says:

    ALOHA my name is Theron Shigematsu. I am a student at saint Theresa’s!!!I’m here to tell about Kekaha and Saint Theresa school. The first thing that makes St. Theresa so special is the beauty.For example, from out of the door of class you can see the beach. Another reason is everyone is nice especially the sisters.In the 7th grade we’re learning a lot from them. Also, Kekaha is peaceful.The sun shines and the wind is calm and the ocean is flat like a lake. That’s some reasons why Kekaha and Saint Theresa is so special.

  10. Greetings from Oshkosh, WI. Your descriptions of your school, the views and the weather along with your appreciation of the sisters are a joy to read. We have predictions of a winter storm today and tomorrow. Thoughts of sunshine, sandy beaches and peaceful waves are a blessing right now!

  11. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Last evening we adults had the privilege of receiving the Sacrament of Reconcilation. The students in school confessed on Monday during the teaching day. Last evening we could pick any one of the seven Priests to confess to and about seventy people took advantage of this privilege of receiving the gift of peace. Our Infant Jesus is always gifting us if we only recognize the moments of grace. Every day is Christmas!

  12. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a part of our continuing formation as Christians as well as Franciscans. While the Sisters in Kekaha celebrated the Lord’s forgiveness with their parish community, the Sisters at the Motherhouse have an Advent penance service on Friday evening. Area priests also gift us with their presence. Our chaplains normally are available each Friday later afternoon for this sacrament.

  13. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Aloha, Sisters in Kauai… I think of you often, especially when it is snowing. We had a snow day on Dec. 9th again, just like last year. What a shock from the islands!
    I love the pictures. It takes me back there that is for sure. I miss you all and thank God you are doing well. I am glad the pipes were fixed.
    My students and I went to Reconciliation in Clarks Mills today too. What a holy time that is! God bless all of your work for the Lord.
    Sr. Marie Bernadette, you look happy in that kitchen… Thanks for making mealtime a special time for us when I was there.

  14. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Thank you Sister Delores for your kind comments! But now to reality! The Philippino community loves to practice a novena of EARLY morning Masses. It is a beautiful practice. Father Danny says that there should be sacrifice in the practice and of all things,JOY! Another shocker is that I practiced with the Philippino Choir to sing their songs in their native language. It does do something for me. It even makes me feel holy.This practice is called,Misa de Gallo.

  15. How wonderful! this gave us a chance to see what it is really like. It is great to see the Sisters and the beauty of the island. Great!

  16. This evening we celebrated our Christmas Eve Children’s Liturgy with the families and friends of St. Theresa School and Parish. All who participated did a great job!

    The school children proclaimed the word of God beautifull. The children in the school choir, were wonderful. They sang out from their hearts. As the Gospel was read the children in grades 3, 2, K and Preschool, brought up the statues that were to be placed in the manger.As they were lined up in the back it was difficult to keep some of the little ones in order. They were so eager to bring up their statue. After awhile we managed to settle them down enough so that they were able to take the figures up at the designated time. It was so precious to watch them process up the center aisle. The brought many smiles to those who watched them and warmed many hearts, also.

    Well, from Hawaii, Mele Kalikimaka(Merry Christmas) to all of you. God bless you.

  17. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Christmas is past for 2009 and we look forward with joyful hearts to 2010 and what it may bring.Every day is Christmas if one thinks about it,right? Well yesterday we went to a Guava Farm only to find it locked up. We had another spot to visit on our trip and off we went to The Lighthouse in search of whales.No show there to speak of. Since we were in the area of our janitor’s home ,we decided to visit Bill and Michelle. They were not home. No worry, on to Opeka Falls which were running gracefully. A little further up the road is the Hindu Monastery which we wished to see. It was all locked up and no entrance seemed to be allowed. In the past we have been able to visit this monastery. The day was not a total loss as we started with a meal at Grinds after Mass. We enjoyed our time together in the car dispite our “no shows.” Happy New year!

  18. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Last evening we attended “WITH GRATEFUL HEARTS CONCERT” presented by the Diocesan and Religious Priests and Women Religious of the Diocese of Honolulu. The presentation given in Kalaheo had a theme of “To live in the midst of the world without desiring its pleasure;to be a member of each family,yet belonging to none.” The three parts of the theme consisted of:THE CALL,THE CONSERCRATION,THE MISSION.” These Priests and Sisters gave a beautiful rendition of about sixteen songs. Since it was a two hour performance,they all had to sleep over on Kauai as the last plane to Honolulu took off at nine. We were privileged to attend.

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