Good Tidings of Great Joy from the Franciscan Sisters

by Sister Julie Ann on December 24, 2009

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Peace and all good this Blessed Christmas from all the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. Like St. Francis’ prayers on the night of the first Greccio Nativity enactment, our heart-felt prayers for you and your loved ones are ones of joyful exultation.  

crop.jpgFinally, the day of joy has drawn near, the time of exultation has come. From many different places the Sisters have been called. As they could, the women of that land with exultant hearts prepare candles and torches to light up that night whose shining star has enlightened every day and year…our Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself for us with supreme and indescribable love, who lives and rules with the Father and the Holy Spirt as God, eternally glorious forever and ever. Amen. Alleluia, Alleluia. (adapted from I Celano, Chapter XXX)

What words or thoughts come to mind when you contemplate the deeper meaning of Christmas?

21 thoughts on “Good Tidings of Great Joy from the Franciscan Sisters”

  1. Alex says:

    love, Christ, happiness

  2. Trevor says:

    celebrating Jesus’ birth

  3. Nicholas says:

    Immense, overwhelming joy at the birth of the Child who defines me.

  4. April says:

    The deeper meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Savior Jesus.

  5. Let the bells ring and the Angels sing as we celebrate Jesus’ presence with us!!! Christmas Blessings!

  6. Kara says:

    What a great picture! I have a greater understanding of the meaning and significance of the Incarnation this year, which makes the day more blessed. I am thankful for that.

  7. Morgan says:

    celebrating the birth of Jesus, a time of remembering

  8. Ivy says:

    family, God, break, giving

  9. Ceci says:

    Christ’s birth-beginning of salvation-most joyful time there is

  10. Sister Sean Marie says:

    God is gift. Love is gift. How blessed we are.

  11. God’s ways are often small, insignificant, hidden, humble and obscure. That is the “method” that brings “peace on earth, good will to all.” The humility of God is perplexing to most of us yet more powerful than any of us. Merry Christmas everyone!

  12. God loves us. For a God to embrace our humanity is indescribable love. Our God of pure love is there at all times waiting for us especially at the darkest hour of disappointment, tragedy, desperate situations shining a ray of light, of hope.

  13. Tillie says:

    a spiritual time to come together as a family

  14. Audrey says:

    It is celebrating what we have.

  15. Marie Wilhelm says:

    Great Picture! Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Caritas says:

    I’m always reminded…God comes so unexpectedly…as a child, a helpless Babe, totally dependent on his mother, His father, in a stable…away from the town and the hustle adn bustle; in a quiet place where in the quiet birds sing, the cows and donkeys voices fill the air. So “unexpected. And so does God come to one other, in strangers, relatives, frieds…in unnexpected ways. Pray, therefore, for the gift of acceptance, knowledge, understanding in the face of “the unexpected ways of the Lord.”

  17. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Redeemed of the Lord has come to us as a little child, long awaited, quietly, in a humble stable, in the midst of the night. The longing and the waiting is just the beginning as he is here and in His presence we behold the depths of God’s great LOVE and this happens over and over again each day of our EARTHLY lives until He calls to take us to Himself forever in His heavenly home where we will be in His presence and glory FOREVER!

  18. sister Patricia Sevcik says:

    Extravagant and boundless LOVE! Christmas comes to us as pure gift. God bent down so low to bring us His Son who is the source of our joy and gladness. God comes in so many quiet ways, but always as gentle love for everyone.

  19. Sister June Smith says:

    The word that comes to my mind is Christmas Love.
    Love of God and Neighbor – they go hand in hand.
    With God – we can think of others’ needs instead of our own wants.

  20. Christmas “happens” when I experience the unexpected… an uninvited guest shows up for a meal and the food stretches, a baby smiles at me though we’ve never met, a rugged looking street person wishes me a “Merry Christmas”, a friend sends homemade granola bars as a gift, a community member offers me support for a daunting project. God surprises shepherds, kings, and me!

  21. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Sisters, I love the picture, the joy and love that it captures. I read or heard this Christmas, that God had to come to earth as a baby, so that we would not be afraid to approach Him. That has given me alot to reflect on… He comes in such a way, so we can go to Him.
    May we live in the love stance of Christmas all year round…

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