Enjoy Feasting on Arlan Feiles’ ‘I Wonder’

by Sister Julie Ann on November 16, 2009

promo.jpgCelebrating an abundance of God’s goodness this harvest season, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to feast on Arlan Feiles’ powerful, reflective song,  ‘I Wonder’. Contemplate wonderful, insightful lyrics, a singer songwriter compared to Dylan or Simon, with a flair for majestic, yet simple melodies. His music is shaped with the Thanksgiving spirit of a strong sense of justice and love. (Photo credit: Kyra Kverno) Arlan and Carolyn Arends’ I Am A Soul’ unite this month on Franciscanized World to provide a menu of timely thoughtfulness. You’ll want to listen to both artists.

Arlan Feiles Reflects on ‘I Wonder’:

I wonder

The possibilities that life puts before us at every minute are limitless.

Left Turn, right turn?  Up, down?  Forward, backward?

Each choice wholly personal to our faith;

The faith to make a decision; right or wrong

Sometimes we are pleased with the result, and sometimes we are not.

And sometime we wonder ….was that this the right decision?  Is it wrong to even ask?

To wonder is the most human of expressions.

We question each moment, and we value the answers we receive.

We move forward with determination and pause. 

We appreciate the importance of every choice.

 We should always strive to make the right decisions, but not be a victim to failure if we do not.

We hope for an answer from one’s heart and follow it to its road’s end.

“We are building something larger than those mountains”

Each choice is a mountain to climb,

Then we look out from the summit and embrace the view it in all its beauty and wonder.

Arlan Feiles  – Nov. 2009


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promo-2.jpgDramatic in refreshing the acoustic style of Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie and in the Big band traditions of Roy Orbison, Pete Seeger, The Band, and The Country Bear Jamboree, Arlan Feiles is a Jewish songwriter inspired and ‘fueled by a fierce compassion’. His band, Gift Horse, grew into the 14-piece Lone Orchestra, which plays upbeat Americana at venues along the Jersey shore, most regularly in Asbury Park. His albums include Come Sunday Morning and his rereleased album, Razing the Nation. (Photo credit: Kyra Kverno)      


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“I Wonder “- Lyrics     copyright 2007 

You could see things your way but I feel it both ways

So I never take sides I just learn to listen

People stop in wonder, people stop in wonder

Cause I always find the time

Time to breathe, time to try         


There’s an icy windbreak rolling off the prairie

It’s a storm a frontin’ we best look for safety

And we’ll sit in wonder, yes we’ll sit in wonder

Cause we always find the time

Time to feel, time to cry


And I often wonder ‘bout you

Could your love be true

When I know it must be wrong to even wonder

But I wonder


We are building something larger than those mountains

And I’m racing to you over foot and fountain

And we’ll sit in wonder, yes we’ll sit in wonder

Cause we always find the time

Time to heel, time to fly


How does ‘I Wonder’ move your heart?

16 thoughts on “Enjoy Feasting on Arlan Feiles’ ‘I Wonder’”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    As I listened to this beautiful song, “I Wonder” the Gospel of the Beatitudes comes back to mind. (Matthew 5:1-12) One cannot but pause and wonder at the call to live in such simplicity and depth. Like the Beatitudes, this song is an invitation to pray about one’s living. It calls me to pause, to reflect, to give thanks, to ask, to act…
    Cause I always find the time, time to breathe, time to try, time to feel, time to cry… “Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are they who mourn, blessed are the meek, blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness… for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, they shall be comforted, they will inherit the land, they will be satisfied…
    It is in finding time to listen to Jesus in the Scriptures, in each other, in our Church, in our hearts, in music, and beauty that we learn to “wonder” at holiness, goodness, and love! Can you tell? I think this song is wonder-full!

  2. Sister Julie Ann says:

    Arlan’s harmonica/guitar playing number does well in moving us to curiosity, surprise and sometimes awe in our surroundings through a sensitivity to our senses. Interestingly, he doesn’t necessarily call us to wander (to move without definite destination or purpose.) Wonder involves conscious living and loving.

  3. Sister Mary Carol says:

    This ballad accompanied by guitar reinforces our ability to wonder.
    Question: What does wonder mean?
    Answer: to marvel, to be surprised by someone or something
    Question: What is a cause for wonder?
    Answer: Mr. Feilies answers that with one word-TIME.
    Events of daily life: relationships, storms, differences can be felt or seen in more than one way.
    Question: How is time used?
    Answer: The sung reply is to breathe, try, feel, cry and heal.
    The simple accompaniment with the harmonic in the introduction and between verses adds to the initial haunting question: What causes you to wonder?

  4. Alex says:

    Very soothing and soft. Keep up the good work, Sistahs!

  5. Bethany says:

    trying to find the time for God is something i’ve been struggling with for the past few months now and this song really made me stop and think about how God is in everything around us and if we can take the time to appreciate God’s work then we have time for God, and i love to appreciate God’s work.

  6. Sister Julie Ann says:

    Thanks, Alex and Bethany, for your insights. May we all find time for God by our awareness of His wonders everywhere.

  7. Lindsey says:

    I think a lot of times situations cause us to question & wonder what Christ is doing through them. It reminds me that it’s okay to wonder and not fully understand because we’re human & finite, while God is infinite. But it is through seasons of wondering in our life, that Christ more clearly reveals His heart to us.

  8. Crystal says:

    Wondering is natural-rest in its time. Don’t rush through, remember to wonder.

  9. K. says:

    The line that sticks out to me is “And I often wonder ’bout you”-often times I sit and wonder about God & his mysterious ways & how he uses/works those mysterious ways in my life.

  10. Leslie says:

    Why would it be wrong to wonder? I think doubt gives us the ability to have faith.

  11. Sister Julie Ann says:

    Thanks for all your insights, Lindsey, Crystal, K. and Leslie. Make wondering an art and a prayer.

  12. Joanna says:

    When I listened to this song I felt tht I don’t just sit in the silence and listen. I think we Christians at large could benefit with just a moment of silence in our day, just to wonder about God and how awesome He really is. It would certainly make for happier living for me.

  13. Julie says:

    I love the 1st 2 lines-contradiction! “I feel it both ways. I never take sides. I just learn to listen.” I feel this is what I am doing now in my life-feeling both ways-not taking sides, & learning to listen to God & those around me.

  14. Tara says:

    We all need to slow down in our lives & think, be silent, ponder, wonder, listen to the Lord. There’s also a time for everything in its proper place.

  15. Mandy says:

    I may never fully understand and I am so in awe of the Lord & all He does.

    I feel His love so strongly through the emotions of music. I feel Him sharing in my joy, my sorrow, my hurt, my love.

  16. Thanks for all your ‘wonder’ful comments. Joanna, Mandy, Julie and Tara, may your Thanksgiving celebration include moments of grateful wonder of family, friends and a God who loves you with abundance.

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