Celebrate ‘Franciscan Servants of God: Reflections from 25 Years of Service

by Sister Julie Ann on October 10, 2009

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Whether flying, driving or walking to the Motherhouse for the Sisters’ Health Care Assembly October 10-11, 2009, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity involved in the congregation’s sponsored health care group3.jpgministry, not only enjoyed creation’s colorful fall artistry on the way, but some excellent speakers and sharing at their final destination. This year’s focus was Franciscans Servants of God: Reflections from 25 Years of Service.

band.jpgPresentations on Saturday included 25 year perspectives from both the System’s healthcare ministry and Sisters involved in the health care of our Sisters.

 Scott McConnaha and Sister Laura Wolf, OSF addressed health reform and its implications.

Sister Mary Kaye Winkler, OSF spoke about changes in St. Rita’s Health Care Center.

Sister Caritas Strodhoff, OSF reviewed the history of the congregation’s own Sisters’ health clinic. frjoel2.jpg

Father Joel Szydlowski, OFM, chaplain at Holy Family Memorial, Manitowoc, WI, presided at the mid-day Eucharist and preached on a reading from the prophet Joel and the importance of mission.

On Sunday, Sister Louise Hembrecht, OSF, Community Director, will direct attention to St. Francis’ role of service. Time for personal prayer, group sharing and a prayer ritual will provide an uplifting conclusion to an amazing journey together.

9 thoughts on “Celebrate ‘Franciscan Servants of God: Reflections from 25 Years of Service”

  1. I want to salute all of our sisters who care for our sisters’ health. My frequent remark is that many of them should be canonized before death! When I see the confusion about, the time spent and the cost of health care for so many parishioners, I realize how blessed we are to be able to pick up the phone and get questions answered plus a large dose of reassurance from our sisters who work in health care. They give emotional support and, often, spiritual direction, along with physical care. Thank you, sisters in health care, for your generous and kind responses to our health needs.

  2. Such a Francis-like weekend…another person who reached out to the lepers of society proclaimed as a saint (St. Damien) and a great two day celebration of our Sisters who are healers in Jesus’ name as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity!

  3. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    What a beautiful summary of our health care in serving others. Each blog just makes me prouder to be a Franciscan Sister. Congratulations and keep up the good work,Sisters!

  4. Sister Rosangela Weiland says:

    My heart-filled gratitude and thanks to all of our Sisters working in Health Care. Our care by our nurse practitioners, past and present, is outstanding. The Sisters working in all aspects of our Infirmary are to be commended also. The presence of our Sisters in the hospitals and nursing homes we serve speak of Christ to the people. May God bless all of you as you continue your ministry.

  5. Sister Natalie says:

    Congratulations to all of our Sisters involved in the Health Care Ministry! This has been and is a wonderful service provided to all of our Sisters over the years! I heard many positive comments about the hours spent in celebrating this mile-stone. God bless each of you for sharing in the healing ministry of Our Lord. I am grateful to benefit from the blessings of the health care ministry! Thank You!

  6. Sister Mary Bodwin says:

    Iam very grateful for the wonderful health care that we all receive. Our nurses in our clinic are so generous with their time and expertise.
    Many thanks also to our infirmary staff.May God continue to bless all our health care providers.
    Sister Mary Bodwin

  7. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Kudos to Sr. Laura & her crew who created this 25th. Celebration of Memories in Health Care. Well done and thank you to the speakers also. I am very grateful to the many Sisters behind the scenes and lay workers to make this possible.
    I am awed also at the many dedicated Sisters who paved the way before us & who labored under dire circumstances. May they rest in the peace of Christ!
    Oct. was a perfect time to celebrate because I see these notable dates as one goes down Memory Lane: Oct.3,1987, Ground broken for St. Francis Convent, Manitowoc; Oct. 4, 1920, Holy Family School of Nursing established; Oct. 8, 1875, the first group of German Srs. arrived at Holy Family Convent;Oct. 14,1871 Silver Lake property purchased by our Founder, Fr. Fessler; Oct. 20, 1920, Holy Family Hospital incorporated; Oct. 20,1939, The Wertheimer home (St. Paul Home) received as a gift;Oct. 23,1906, Good Samaritan Hospital was dedicated & on Oct. 25,1954 was incorporated. Oct. 31, 1985, Franciscan Health Advisory Services (FHAS) was incorporated AND this wasn’t a TRICK JOKE!! Blessings to all those who serve in Health Care!

  8. Sister Patricia Sevcik says:

    I am thankful to all who have served and serve in our HealthCare Ministry! You provide great service and do not count the cost to yourselves. Living at the Motherhouse gives me the opportunity to see the dedication of our Nurse Practitioners, their staff and all who serve in St. Rita. Thank you for your talents and gifts, especially your compassion. May God give you energy and grace to carry on in a world that is searching for “health care reform.”

  9. Linda McCullough says:

    Loved the pictures! I was booted out about 25 years ago and the pictures capture that moment! Thanks!

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