What Are Bishop Baraga Days

by Sister Julie Ann on September 27, 2009

img_6580.jpgFaith-filled Marquette, MI, Catholics and others from near and far gathered September 26-27, 2009 for Bishop Baraga Days celebrating Frederick Baraga, the first bishop of the Diocese of Marquette (1853-1868). Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were among the crowd who enjoyed not only Slovene Singers  but learned a song Ninxhawendaagoz (translated ‘I am Blessed’ in Ojibwa).

At the festive liturgies of the Eucharist, pilgrims made devoted pleas for intercession to God that Bishop Baraga may img_6586.jpgbe canonized a saint while remembering his life, works and virtues. At the Sunday banquet, Bishop Alexander K. Sample, Bishop of Marquette, and Bishop Emeritus of Marquette, James H. Garland, Executive Director of the Bishop Baraga Association, reported on the actual progress of making this hope a reality.

Here’s some insight into the man Bishop Frederick Baraga:img_6583.jpg 

  • first of many Slovenian missionaries to come to the United States to help build up the American Catholic Church
  • for 37 years traveled the length and breath of the Great Lake area to  minister to the Ottawa na Chippewa Indians
  • wrote seven Slovenian prayer books and authored 20 Native American book which includes his  monumental Grammar and Dictionary of the Chippewa Language still in use today
  • ministered to the immigrants who came to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to work in the iron and copper mines of the regions
  • walked on snowshoes  for 24 hours in succession because he knew if he stopped he would freeze to death (talk about heroic virtue?!)

bishop-baraga-tb.jpgName a person you admire that has died and explain how he/she is a model of Gospel virtues.

3 thoughts on “What Are Bishop Baraga Days”

  1. Marie Wilhelm says:

    I don’t know. I’ll have to get back on this one.

  2. This was a celebration of hope and joy! The faith of the people and the influence of Bishop Baraga in the north woods of Canada, MI, and WI in spreading the gospel truly inspires one to immitate that zeal in serving God’s people!

    It was a neat day to spend with Sister Julie Ann and our Sisters serving in the Upper Penninsula of MI, as well as the number of people from various states and countries!

  3. Bishop Baraga was a missionary in the purest sense. Not only do I admire him for his snowshoeing feats, but he was comfortable with dog sledding in the cold north as well. Even falling through the icy waters didn’t stop him from being at the bedside of someone who was dying. Being able to think of God when fingers are nearing frost bite levels is an example of highest perfection to me.

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