Follow the Franciscan Postulants’ Journey on ‘Habitually Speaking’ Blog

by Sister Julie Ann on September 8, 2009

Do you desire to know what a day is like in the life of someone God has called to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity? Follow the lives of two young women who are beginning their first days at the Motherhouse in Manitowoc in a newly launched blog entitled ‘Habitually Speaking’

kara.jpgKara Martin writes: “I am a postulant for the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. That means I am spending nine months at a convent discerning whether this is the life for me. Feel free to read about my journey. “

While enjoying the honest, personalized journal style of Kara, you will also meet Marie Wilhelm. Two women who come from two states overlooking Lake Michigan, Michigan and Wisconsin, they also share a love for the Lord and a desire to serve mariekara_edited-1.jpghim. Both postulants, name given to candidates in the first stage of becoming a religious woman, are already witnessing their zeal for the Franciscan life in many ways. 

Today was the first day that Marie and I got to wear our postulant habits! It felt like prom. We were showered with compliments at how nice we looked. With over 150 sisters in the motherhouse, that’s a lot. Read More…

And if you want to follow more of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and understand our daily lives, we invite you to find us on Facebook and become one of our Fans! Here, you’ll be alerted to new entries on both the Franciscanized World and Habitually Speaking.

Any first impressions of Habitually Speaking?

9 thoughts on “Follow the Franciscan Postulants’ Journey on ‘Habitually Speaking’ Blog”

  1. DJ from Yuma says:

    I enjoyed reading the blog talking about how they live their lives as Sisters. I wished it was longer and went into more detail because it was quite interesting.

    Hope to hear more about it!

  2. Very cool that you enjoy Kara’s blog DJ! I am sure that she will be writing more, if you wish to follow her blog, just click on the above link: Habitually Speaking!
    Thanks so much for writing! Blessings upon you!

  3. I think you both look very sharp and distinguished in your postulant “habit” but more appealing are your radiant smiles.

  4. Kara and Marie, thanks for making a habit of speaking about your journey of discernment with such joy and honesty to those you meet in person and those you be-friend on line.

    God’s call is ever interesting no matter what lifestyle is ours to live.

  5. Sister Rosangela Weiland says:

    I think it’s great you are sharing about your lives as Postulants. Your smiles say it all. I am anxious to read more.

  6. Sister Chiara says:

    You both look great in your uniforms. You also look very happy.
    Kara, your idea of a blog walking through your journey is a wonderful idea. It was neat to read it.
    Keep smiling!

  7. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Kara & Marie, HELLO to you from West Point, NE. I really like your black outfits. Do have a blessed year as a Postulant at our Motherhouse. It brings back MANY pleasant memories. We had 27 Postulants and we had Sr. Rose Ann as our Mistress or Director and we resided at our College. You will be remembered and are being remembered in prayer as you progress in God’s plan for both of YOU.

  8. Kara says:

    Thanks for reading my blog! I enjoy writing in it when I can!

  9. Dear Kara and Marie, Wow!!! You really do look so neat in black and white and you both have a winning smile!!! Thanks for coming to our Community and we are so proud to have two lovely Postulants join us and you are the “Future” of our Community!!!!!!! Love & Prayers, Sister Mary Lou

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