View One Monarch’s ‘Transfiguration’

by Sister Julie Ann on August 5, 2009

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A magestic monarch flying freely in Wisconsin on August 6, 2009? How simply Transfiguration-like is that! The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity novices, Sister Chiara LaValley, OSF, and Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel, OSF, have been photographing important butterfly-011.jpgstages in the life cycle of Bonnie Sithin, one of nature’s newly named bright-winged seraphs. This thirty plus day Franciscan novena included a photo shoot two days a week focusing on the stages of ‘our caterpillar’. 

Monarchs being generational migrants group together in their flight to freedom. Interesting that two young women themselves in ‘a stage’ of becoming a Sister should take a contemplative look at another creature involved in change and growth.

Any wisdom to share on this eve of the feast of the Transfiguration?

10 thoughts on “View One Monarch’s ‘Transfiguration’”

  1. This post provided a Transfiguation-Vigil Meditation for me as I prepare for celebrating the feast tomorrow. I will read the scriptures with new images in mind Thursday morning. I also thought, as I watched the monarch’s maturation, that we make this same tranformative journey many times during our lives. My novitiate was such a time, too. What a beautiful reminder our novices give to us of that life-long journey of our soul into God.

  2. Mountain, sun, snow, cloud, moon…images used in the Transfiguration antiphons from office this morning and repeated in the Eucharistic celebration that followed. All of creation is involved in Jesus’ Mount Tabor Transfiguration. As Sister Anne Marie noted, our soul’s journey into God is life-long; all of creation become supportive brothers and sisters on this path of change and growth.

  3. Ah, the involvement of all of creation is a very Franciscan theme, also. I am preparing a parish retreat on Care for Creation through Franciscan spirituality. With these thoughts I can bring in the Transfiguration, also. Thank you, Sister Julie Ann, for another inspiration.

  4. Sister June says:

    What a wonderful symbol of Transfiguration – the monarch butterfly.
    We are all in transition and at different stages of growing into our life as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. We are challenged every day by the liturgy of the word to transform our lives. Let us take time to experience the day that God has in store for us and at the end of the day say “ Thank You God.”

  5. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Sr. Chiara & Sr. Pamela Catherine what awesome and meaningful photos you took and what a fitting theme of comparison on this great FEAST of the TRANSFIGURATION. You can just picture Jesus appearing from the cloud to Peter, James & John up on the high mountain and the many emotions they experienced that day AND they like Mary had to “tell no one of the Vision until the Resurrection”. They pondered HIS words in their hearts: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased: listen to Him.”

  6. Sister Pamela Catherine says:

    Oh Happy Day!! Bonnie Swithin has gone global!!

    It has been fascinating to watch and reflect on the life of a monarch butterfly and Sister Chiara and I are so happy to share the photos with all of you!!

  7. Sister Rosangela says:

    Sister Chiara and Pamela Catherine, thanks for the beautiful photos and the chance to reflect on the Transfiguration. Change happens slowly. It has taken over seventy years for me to become the person I am today. God has blessed me in so many ways. We are different from the beautiful Monarch as we need others to help us in our growth. May we help each other as we continue to grow toward our goal.

  8. Sister Pat Sevcik says:

    Your photos are lovely, Sisters Pamela Catherine and Chiara. Thank you! It is amazing to watch the changes from the tiny egg & worm-like critter to a beautiful winged creature. They eat a lot to go through the stages of transformation. Our journey is a process of change. Our food is daily Eucharist, shared prayer, life in community, quiet times alone with God, & service to others. Thank you for the opportunity to take another look at transfiguration.

  9. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Thank you Sr. Pamela Catherine and Sr. Chiara!
    The beauty and wonder of it all sets me into praise of God… The miracles of life are all around us, if we notice!
    May our hearts be in awe…

  10. After spending a little time at Rahr West Gardens on the lakeshore in Manitowoc and witnessing the dedication of our Sister gardeners here at the Motherhouse, I am not amazed at why the monarch likes to flit around all the bright colors of flowers! Even among these creatures of God, likes attract likes.

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