Altar Server Recognition: ‘I Will Always Serve You’

by Sister Julie Ann on August 22, 2009

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How do you show gratitude for young men and women who are known not only for lighting a lot of candles, carrying crosses, img_6295.jpgholding books, etc. but more importantly for a spirit of generosity and reverence at the Lord’s Table? Bishop David Ricken, the Diocese of Green Bay Vocation Directors and other priests, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, the Serra Club and other adults were invited to be part of an Altar Server Day at Camp Tekawitha on the feast of the Queenship of Mary, August 22, 2009. 

Unique to this day was the witnessing of the Rite of Acolyte for seminarian Luke Ferris.

Bused from Manitowoc, Marinette, Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay, about one hundred altar servers also participated in these planned activities:

  • Welcome, introductions, warm-up games
  • Crowning of Mary
  • Eucharist-Bishop Ricken presided
  • Presentations on the Eucharist from the Diocese of Green Bay (boys) and the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity (girls)
  • Swimming and volleyball

Asked what is the best thing about serving, one young person was quick to respond “just everything”. There is indeed something good happening in the Diocese of Green Bay when a young person is happy to serve.�

5 thoughts on “Altar Server Recognition: ‘I Will Always Serve You’”

  1. Sister Sue Ann Hall says:

    I was happy to read of the special day for Altar Servers. Had I been able to do that in my day I would have considered it a great privilege. To be so close to God in such a special way serving His priests who bring God so close to us. May each of you know how blest you are in the service you provide. Just think: personally serving Jesus Himself!

  2. What a neat day! The Altar Servers are a special group of young women and men! They have Jesus’ spirit of fun, service, prayer, friendship, attentiveness, and goodness! The environment of Camp Tekawitha was a great place to spend the day with them!

  3. Sounds like the day was well integrated: fun, spirituality, liturgy, talks and athletic activities. Kudos to all who planned and participated.

  4. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Blessings on all those who planned the Altar Server Day AND what a blessed day to celebrate on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. Mary would have been proud of all those teens who participate in the special ministry of serving at Mass which is today the remembrance of her Son’s Last Supper, Passion & Death, & Resurrection. The Holy Eucharist is food for our daily journey. CONGRATULATIONS on Luke Ferris on his Rite of Acolyte. God’s graces to you as you continue to grow in His ways. Luke, this Summer I had the splendid opportunity to participate in the Ordination of 4 in the KY diocese and one being a friend, Fr. Larry Schaeper. The Bishop of Covington, KY, Roger Foys, years ago was Rector of the Seminary in the Steubenville Diocese while I was Principal at St. Benedict’s School in Cambridge, OH. We hadn’t seen each other until this Ordination. It was a blessed reunion. The Lord works in wondrous ways. Luke, you will be remembered in prayer as all Seminarians. To all teens, continue to serve the Lord for YOU are our future leaders!

  5. Altar server recognition…wow; how neat. I remember as a child lighting the candles & putting them out after service. I felt so proud to honor the Lord. The altar servers surely appreciate the thanks!

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