Now You Can Hear Jayme Dawicki’s “Here I Go” Wherever You Go

by Sister Julie Ann on June 1, 2009

jayme.jpgRecently nominated 2009 WAMI’s (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Album of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity bring back by popular acclaim Jayme Dawicki’s “Here I Go”.  

Jayme is also performing ‘live’ at Camp Franciscan on June 17, 2009 at the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse, Manitowoc, WI.

This talented musician has been performing her original material with various bands in the Milwaukee, WI area for many years. In 2005 she decided to go solo and released her first acoustic CD, “Standing on a Bridge”. That year she also had the opportunity to open for The Fray at The Rave. In 2006, Jayme was named the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Female Vocalist of the Year and also was nominated for the WAMI 2006 Song of the Year for “Cold One”.

In August and September of 2007, Jayme Dawicki traveled to Imperative Studios in Seattle, WA to record her first full production CD with producer Daniel Mendez. The CD, “Shatter Queen”, was released on March 7, 2008. She has performed for three years in a row at Summerfest, embarked on a west coast tour in August 2008, and has had 4 of  her songs used on MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood! Jayme performs as a soloist and with a group of fabulous backing musicians from Milwaukee under the same name.

Here I Go Song Bio

 shattercdcover.jpgLast summer I traveled to Seattle to meet my producer and get a feel for the studio that I would be staying at for two months. As I got on the plane to return home, this idea for a song about new beginnings and an exciting journey popped into my head. I brought this little snippet of a tune to the table when we started pre-production work for the CD, very raw and rough, but we knew it had to be included on the disc. In order to complete the song, I spent several days sitting on the beach, overlooking the Puget Sound, contemplating what I was doing with my life and how my whole world was going to change with the release of my new CD. The lyrics evolved from there and “Here I Go” was born. This song truly embodies my recording experience and the change that took place inside of me. It is a song about having courage and strength to accomplish your goals. It’s about the unknown and the possibility of greatness. Most importantly, this song represents that moment where you realize that everything you’ve dreamed of is coming true.                                                     -Jayme Dawicki

Here I Go Lyrics

Oh with an oceanview

And a skyline that sings to you

Come on – I’ve been waiting so long

Bright eyes like a child

Exploring the world so wild

Come on – Oh come on

Are you ready, ready for your life to change

Ready, are you ready for a change

Here I go, Here I go

Oh with my hand stretched high

Everything feels right this time

Come on – I’ve been waiting so long

I’m miles from home

Standing like I’ve somehow grown

Come on – Oh come on

Are you ready, ready for your life to change

Ready, for you ready for a change

Here I go, Here I go

Here I go, Here I go

Stop and breathe

Just take in the scene

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57 thoughts on “Now You Can Hear Jayme Dawicki’s “Here I Go” Wherever You Go”

  1. Wynnafred says:

    It tells me that god loves us so much that he created the world for us.

  2. katie says:

    I thought the song was really moving and it made sense and fit in the time of my life right now. I thought it was God’s plan for me to hear this song to help me through this certain time in my life.

  3. maria vega says:

    the song is very great, good and nice. it makes me think that i’m more close, right there with god and it also makes me think that i’m in heaven with god. it make me happy if i were sad. it a great song to hear.

  4. It is so neat to read all your reflections! Each of you share a lot about yourselves in your comments! You have chosen God!

  5. Maria, me encanta que escribio en espanol! Me encanta mas que Dios es tan importante en tu vida! Dios te bendiga siempre con mucho amor y gozo!!!

  6. I agree with Sister Mary Ann. All your responses make it clear that you are joining Jayme on your own paths of discovery. May the Lord bless you as you follow your dreams.

    Thanks, Jayme, for your presence here, but also with us ‘in person’ last night. We enjoyed meeting your mother Donna as well.

  7. Nhut Ho says:

    Great Song! This song is about changing life. Changing life id exciting and you should not be afraid of it. Ready to change your life and know that God always be there with you, whereever you go he is there.

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