Franciscan Ethicist Warning: Be Faithful to Gospel of Love

by Sister Julie Ann on June 10, 2009

web_sulmasy_rev.jpgAt a recent New Orleans Catholic Health Assembly, June 7-9, 2010, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity,  FSCC HealthCare Ministry Inc. staff and local leaders from the system’s organizations heard Brother Daniel Sulmacy, OFM, present: “Gospel-Centered Health Care Is a Radical Approach in Today’s Secular World.”

A Franciscan physician and ethicist, Brother warned Catholic health care leaders:

  • that although Catholic institutions may have Catholic symbols on their wall and certain codes in place, they may be overly focused on medicine as a business–on measurable outcomes and management strategies.
  • U.S. culture largely has rejected Christian values and replaced them with secular thought.
  • place focus on the encounter between patient and caregiver and this relationship must be based on love.
  • despite economic pressure, now is the right time to return to the fundamentals of spirituality in the workplace

Do you see any other areas of challenge?

3 thoughts on “Franciscan Ethicist Warning: Be Faithful to Gospel of Love”

  1. Sistser Laura Wolf says:

    I was present at Bro Sulmacy’s talk and can testify to the power of his message. He hit the nail right on the head. We are blessed to have his message call us all to deeper love and service

  2. St. Francis liked to greet his own brothers and church officials with the words: health and peace or health and apostolic benediction. How fitting for a Franciscan to focus on the Gospel mission of love today. Wellness would seem to integrate love, health, peace and blessing in a strong sense of service.

  3. I found Brother Daniel Sulmasy’s presentation very inspiring and with a depth of insight into the current health care world. Ours is a ministry, not just a work, and its basis in love makes all the difference!

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