Why Wausau’s Catholic Youth Rally ‘Live 4 Him’ was Worth the Trip

by Sister Julie Ann on May 9, 2009

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TOTAL (Teens Open To Accepting the Lord) Ministries, a collaboration of Wausau Deanery Catholic youth ministers and religious education leaders, expected hundreds of teenagers to attend and express their faith at Everest-area’s first Catholic Youth Rally on May 9, 2009 at the Rothschild Pavilion, Rothschild, WI. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity can testify that 260 friendly, energetic Catholic youth participated fully in the day’s activities.

Here are more reasons why this rally was worth the two hour drive from Manitowoc:

  • All were welcomed warmly at the front door of a spacious modern building equipped for conference-like and liturgical activities (the Franciscan Sisters even got a parking place near the door to make it easier for hauling exhibit materials!)
  • This event drew Catholics from three Wisconsin dioceses: La Crosse, Superior and Green Bay (Christi Parish, Sturgeon Bay, WI youth remembered the Franciscan Sisters from their recent music outreach at their parish in March 2009.)
  • The youth moved to the music of SONAR, an inspired Catholic rock band from the Twin Cities who also provided worship songs for Eucharist and other prayer times.
  • Tammy Borden, Lifest, Oshkosh, WI, used her own struggles to encourage and empower young people showing them that no matter how overwhelming their situation, God will extend his unconditional love and grace.
  • Rich Curran, Christian Motivational Speaker and Trainer from Oshkosh, WI, challenged participants to accept God’s amazing grace and call to be for others. In the intersections of life one can even be an instrument of change in another’s life. 
  • Capuchins Father Tom Zelinski, OFMCap,  and Father Dan Crosby, OFMCap, serving at St. Anthony Retreat Center, Marathon, WI, and diocesan priest Father Jerzy Rebacz assisted with the Sacrament of Reconciliation throughout most of the day.
  • Youth planned and presented various scheduled activities.
  • Father Joseph Hirsch, Vicar for Clergy for the Diocese of La Crosse, WI, presided at the sending forth Sunday liturgy with other area priests.
  • The Rally Team (Father Gerry Pehler, OFMCap, John Schmitt, Steve Martin, Noel Furger, Mary Maly and JoEllen Van Galder) were applauded for their organizational efforts.

Any comments?

9 thoughts on “Why Wausau’s Catholic Youth Rally ‘Live 4 Him’ was Worth the Trip”

  1. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    Congratulations Sisters on the beautiful service you give the Lord. It sounds like these days were most benefical to you as well as to the girls. God reward and bless your efforts. May the seed planted in young hearts flourish in His name.

  2. Thanks for writing Sister Marie Bernadette! Amazing is a good word to describe the day…Amazing Grace, God is Amazing, Amazing Singing, and above all some amazing young people desiring to grow in their faith!

  3. In this 2009 Year of St. Paul and in this International Year of Reconciliation, it was meaningful to share song and sacraments with young people from this part of the country. Genuine goodness was present among youth and leaders making for a memorable day.

  4. Cal says:

    Sister Mary Ann and Sister Julie Ann what an awesome beautiful event! It looks peaceful and what fun pictures. Blessings and what a great way to bring our youth closer to Christ. TOTAL is what we all need to bring others to Christ, teens esp. but families, friends and all. Keep up the beautiful spreading of the gospel Sisters. peace.

  5. Leslie says:

    This made me think of a wonderful story that I witnessed this weekend. This past weekend I was at my cousin’s confirmation in Eau Claire. I was sitting behind the candidates with my family and I noticed a little girl who seemed remarkably faithful for her age. She listened intently to every word that the bishop said. She just seemed to be happy that she was at mass. Later she went up with her family for a confirmation I watched her and I saw her talking with the Bishop then he gave her a high five. I wondered what they were talking about. Then later my cousin told me that this little girl was 9 years old and that she had brought her family back to the faith. Every Sunday she would say I wish we went to church. We should all go to church together. Every Wednesday she would say I wish I were in CCD. I should be in CCD. Finally her family started going back to church and her parents enrolled her in CCD. They started going to church every Sunday and then the little girl’s Mother joined REP and the little girl’s mom was the one who was getting confirmed. The Bishop was congratulating her for bringing her family back to the faith. And a little child shall lead them.Young people are infinitely important for the church.

  6. Thanks for your encouraging words Cal!!! It is a blessing to be able to share on a faith level with so many young people! You are included in that Cal!

  7. Young people are infinitely important for the church.You are so right Leslie, what a moving story! I wonder what else God has in store for that special girl??? I wonder what else God has in store for each of us, no doubt nothing less than amazing! Thanks for writing Leslie!

  8. Sister Rosangela says:

    How refreshing to see the pictures of these happy young people coming together to share Faith. It makes me feel the church is alive and well. Thanks to Sisters Julie Ann and Mary Ann and all the lay people who give of themselves to share their Faith. God is indeed sending workers into the vineyard to influence our young people.

  9. Your words are a sign of your strong faith Sister Roseangela! It is a gift to see the growth of the Church in our youth!

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