View An Inspiring Pentecost Window, St. Peter the Fisherman Parish, Two Rivers, WI

by Sister Julie Ann on May 1, 2009

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to contemplate one of St. Peter the Fisherman Parish, Two Rivers, WI,  preciously designed stained glass windows. Pastor Father William O’Brien narrates the podcast revealing the depth of the picture pane’s spiritual meaning and  its vocation significance.

During the month of May, the Francisan Sisters who presently serve in this Wisconsin city wide parish (i.e. Religious Education, Catholic Elementary School, visiting the sick and elderly) will also reflect on how the Spirit is moving in and around them.

How are you aware of the Holy Spirit in your life? How does this Pentecost window move your soul?

14 thoughts on “View An Inspiring Pentecost Window, St. Peter the Fisherman Parish, Two Rivers, WI”

  1. As I gaze at this wonderful Pentecost window, the thought that continues to come to me is from Henri Nouwen,”A life in the Spirit is in essence a life in community.” The Holy Spirit works within each of us and with all of us, the Church, a “Community of Believers.”

  2. We here at St. Peter the Fisherman are so happy to be able to share with the wider community our Pentecost stain-glass window. It is so beautiful to see. With Mary open to receive the Holy Spirit it is as Father Bill O’Brien said it speaks volumes about our call to be open to the Lord. It is a great stain-glass window to contemplate as we approach the feast of Pentecost. May we all be open to the Holy Spirit in this exciting Easter Season.

  3. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    What an amazing piece of artwork put together! The Mary captures my heart as well and how her hands are held in front of her. The Holy Spirit can guide us during these challenging days. We are not alone. Our God is with us…

  4. Annette Longworth says:

    The Pentecost window is absolutly beautiful with a presence of God in our lives. With this creation of art it is just another sign of His working in each and everyone of us.

  5. gretchen says:

    They’re beautiful! What a treasure.
    Who designed the windows/produced them?

    They’re amazing.

  6. Sister Carla Riach says:

    What a beautiful window! Hearing the explanation of it’s colors and shapes brings out the beauty even more. I like the analogy of Mary’s open hands with the openness of a person’s heart. That’s the only way we can hear God speaking to us. Thank you for sharing this image.

    Speaking of openness to God’s call. We are happy to have our postulant, Pam Peasley with us here in Tucson. We are excited to share our life and ministry with her. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to experience new things is inspiriting to us.
    Sister Carla

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful insights Sister Carla, Grethen and Annette! The treasure we have in the way the beauty of art reflects the presence of God in our lives is such an inspiration!

    Thanks too Sister Jackie and Sister Delores for sharing with us especially about the depth of Mary’s openness and response to the Holy Spirit!

  8. I emailed this site to others as I thought it was so inspirational and timely.

    I am aware of the movement of the Holy Spirit who offers quiet invitations, “Write that email, visit that person, reassure that child, comfort that client.” If I practice trust and act on the promptings, grace always follows. The Holy Spirt is very respectful and subtle, never threatening, never demanding. What a great Pentecost gift!

  9. Discovering more about how the Holy Spirit works in our everyday lives is so much of what Pentecost is all about! Thanks for your support and insights Sister Anne Marie!

  10. Sr. Pam says:

    This was a wonderful moment of quiet reflection for me in the midst of the emails and other office work I am doing this morning. Thanks for sharing this beautiful window and it’s meaning with us.
    It was a good reminder for me to think about how the Spirit is working in my life every day.

  11. It is a moment of enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives! I’m glad that you captured that moment Sister Pam! Thanks for writing!

  12. Briana says:

    It is beautiful!

  13. Sister Judanne Stratman says:

    What a beautiful window and meaningful expression of its message given to us by Father Bill. Our blessed Lady, Mary, surely invites us to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit with her presence and posture. Thank you, Father Bill, for your words and providing us with this expression of sacred art. Pentecost will be special this year.

  14. Thanks Briana and Sister Judanne for your thoughts about this wonderful artistic expression and Fr. Bill’s reflections for the great Feast of Pentecost!

    Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful!!!

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