IMPORTANT: Catholic Church Welcomes Discipulos de Cristo

by Sister Julie Ann on May 17, 2009

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During this last week, hundreds gathered at St. Bridget Catholic Church in the small northeast Iowa town of Postville to mark the one-year anniversary of a huge immigration raid and reflect on the community’s difficulty in recovering from the arrests. In contrast,  a crowd filled St. Willebrord Parish, Green Bay, WI, on May 17, 2009, to celebrate and support seventeen individuals in the first ever graduating class of the Discipulus de Cristo program.

Discipulos de Cristo, based on the research of Sister of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, Sister Laura Zelten, OSF, is geared toward leadership formation in the area of Hispanic Ministry. It came into being after numerous requests that the Diocese of Green Bay provide some sort of spiritual and academic formation program for Hispanic Catholics. It’s a 3-year program covering topics such as the Scriptures, the Church, morality -all in Spanish-that includes classes, retreats, one-on-one review sessions, workshops and seminars.

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity support this initiative in various ways. Currently, Sister Marlita Henseler, OSF, serving at St. Philip Parish, Green Bay, WI, is an instructor in the program.  

Note: Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, Sister Kay Klackner, OSF expounds on “Catholic Social Principles: Stewardship” in an on-line May Catholic Teacher resource. In a previous month’s article she covered the topic of  “Rights, Responsibilities and Dignity of Work”.

6 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Catholic Church Welcomes Discipulos de Cristo”

  1. This excerpt from the blessing of the Discipulos de Cristo expresses the importance of support for all involved in ministry in the Church:

    Bendice a los alumnos del programa, Discipulos de Cristo. Derrama tu Espiritu sobre cada uno de ellos, que se sientan apoyados con su nueva responsabilidad entre todos los fieles Cristianos de sus parroquias y la Diocesis de Green Bay…

    Bless the sudents of this Disciple of Christ program. Send your Spirit over each one, may they feel the support of all the faithful as they begin their new responsibilities of leadership in their parishes of the Green Bay diocese…

    It was such a JOY to be part of this Eucharistic Celebration with these wonderfully faith-filled members of the Church!

  2. It was obvious that the Discipulos de Cristo witness a Christian life and are men and women of the Spirit. The joy on their faces spoke of their sincerity in preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world needs this kind of leadership.

  3. “How beautiful is the Body of Christ”! That refrain filled my heart as I read the article and viewed the pictures.

    Many thanks to all who made this program possible and to all who supported them. Congratulations to all the people commissioned.

  4. Sister Judanne Stratman says:

    What a blessing the members of the Discipulos de Cristo Program are for the Church of Green Bay! Thank you for sharing the joy-filled completion of their three year study. We look forward to hearing more about their great efforts for others and ministry in the Church.

  5. Having ministered with the Hispanic people, I know that your appreciation, encouragement, and prayers are very heart-felt Sister Judanne! Thanks for writing!

  6. Sister Marlita Henseler says:

    It has been a joy to witness the faith lives of this first group of graduates in Discupulos de Cristo come so alive and convinced of their role to be leaders in their respective Hispanic church communities.Their enthousiasm for how God is calling them to leadership is a joy to behold,and their gaining confidence in sharing their own personal gifts is truly a blessing for their parishes.I consider it a privilege to teach these future leaders, and enjoy sharing the basics about church sacramental life. Dios les bendiga!

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